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Jonathan Fairfield

Thaivisa is proud to support Weeboon and encourage you to support and share its campaigns

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Thaivisa is proud to support Weeboon and encourage you to support and share its campaigns.


About Weeboon

Weeboon.com is the first public donation-based crowdfunding platform dedicated to Thailand that connects those in need with those who care.


Weeboon allows people in need to rely on the community’s help in case of unfortunate life events. A place where generous people can donate safely and in peace of mind that their contribution will go toward the cause they support.


The Weeboon’s Customer Happiness Team will be monitoring this forum alongside Thaivisa moderators so if you need help or have any questions regarding the posts made here, please do not hesitate to interact, their team will get in touch with you shortly.



Even if a background check is automatically made to verify the story behind every campaign, Weeboon still recommends to only donate to people and campaigns you trust or personally know. 


As every donation is final and cannot be refunded, Weeboon advise his users to always donate using caution and good judgement. 


The platform cooperates with law enforcement and will immediately report any campaign author that will lie about his identity and statements or intentionally deceive contributors for financial or personal gain.


Those that do not want a campaign set up on their behalf can contact Weeboon directly and have the campaign closed.

Ask a question : support@weeboon.com

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