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VIDEO: Thai man brutally assaults Aussie expat in Pattaya following road rage incident

Jonathan Fairfield

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VIDEO: Thai man brutally assaults Aussie expat in Pattaya following road rage incident




A video captured the moment a Thai man brutally assaulted a western man in Pattaya on Wednesday.


Police were called following reports of a road rage incident. 


As reporters filmed a discussion between the parties involved, the Thai man is seen launching a vicious blow to the western man who is knocked to ground and appears to be unconscious.


In the clip, the Thai man lands the brutal punch at around 1 minute 40 seconds. 


The incident happened outside a school and right in front of the police man.


A terrified school girl can be seen screaming for the Thai man to stop.


Video footage shows what looks like a machete in one of the vehicles although it is not clear who the weapon belongs to.


Full story coming soon.


-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2017-10-12



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Video: Thai gold shop owner floors Aussie pensioner in school parking lot



Image: Daily News


A video taken by a news reporter showed an angry 28 year old Thai man floor a 72 year old pensioner with a fist to the face in a Pattaya
school parking lot.


The assault was right in front of a traffic policeman who was trying to sort out a road rage incident that had happened earlier.


Gerard Collins was left with a bloodied face as his 8 year old Thai/Aussie daughter rushed to his side and teachers and students looked on.

Seconds earlier 28 year old Sumeth Rungratanaphan had said: "I have (a) clip - you wanna kill me".


No charges have yet been made as injury reports have been requested by police.


Daily News said in their headline that it "was not known yet who was in the wrong" after Sumeth claimed that before going to the school the Australian had come at him with a chef's knife.


The Daily News reporter was picking up his own child when he became aware of the incident that was developing at Aksorn Suksa School in Soi Korphai, South Pattaya.


He said that Sumeth - owner of gold shop "99" at Wat Chai Monkhol market - had told police that before arriving at the school he had been involved in a minor traffic scrape with the Australian.


Sumeth was in a white Honda Brio while the Australian was in a Nissan NV (Plate 1152). The Australian was indicating to turn right so Sumeth passed on the left but there was a coming together.


He claimed that the Australian wound down the window and started swearing.



Image: Daily News


Sumeth told the reporter: "I stopped and got out. But he went to his boot and got an "Ito" knife and came to attack me. There was blood running out of wounds on my left and right arms.


"I fled in fear of my life. He slashed at my car with his knife causing two windows to be smashed and then he fled the scene".


This all allegedly happened at the end of Soi Korphai.


""I saw him drive into the school", continued Sumeth, "so I called police and followed him in there".


Pictures showed that there was also window damage to the Australian's car.


Once in the school police tried to sort out what had happened.



Image: Daily News


Meanwhile the wife of Sumeth, cradling their one year old baby, filmed along with the reporter.


Then in front of shocked teachers and students Sumeth lost his temper and aimed one punch at the Aussie flooring him in front of the policeman.


The Australian's 8 year old daughter who he was picking up from the school came out and rushed to her father's side.


Through her he gave his side of the story saying about the Thai man:


"He was going to attack me first. I got the knife to protect myself. I didn't intend to harm him".


Nakornrat Nonsrilat of Pattaya police investigating said that both of the men went to hospital and he was waiting for injury reports before proceeding.


More witness statements would be gathered and no charges had yet been made.


-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2017-10-12



UPDATE: Footage emerges of what happened before Aussie was floored in school parking lot

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Loads and loads more to this story 

The westerner got out a machete from the back of his car and went after the Thai guy.

and on a different clip, looks like he tried to get away by running the guy over.

i wont post the clip. im sure it will surface soon.


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In isolation it looks pretty brutal and unprovoked, but its in response to an earlier incident were the Australian guy attacked the Thai guy with a machete, tried to run the Thai guy over, windows smashed on 2 cars. 


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9 minutes ago, bsdthai said:

i just dont see an old frail guy attacking people and cars with a knife. I dont believe it. Staged perhaps? Thais wouldnt go around Ko'ing frail elderely farang surely? Even if he had a knife i would suspect its all to easy to disarm him. Seriously!....


The westerner had a machete for real 

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12 minutes ago, krystian said:

Call the real police!! damn it that a$$hole shld hve been arrested for assault already!! 


Which a$$hole ? the Thai guy has (defensive) cuts on his arms from the earlier machete incident.

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