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Breaking: Thaivisa exclusive: Aussie assaulted in school by Thai says "I am completely innocent."


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Breaking: Thaivisa exclusive: Aussie assaulted in school by Thai says "I am completely innocent."



Image: Daily News


The Australian pensioner knocked to the ground in a school car park after a road rage incident in Pattaya has told Thaivisa he is innocent. (read the story here)


And he claims he thought the other man was trying to kill him in the street so he went to get "a garden tool". (read the story here).


We managed to track down 72 year old Gerard Collins and his Thai wife Pattama who were at Pattaya Police station trying to sort out the situation at 1pm today.


Asked if he was in anyway at fault Mr Collins was adamant:


"Absolutely not," he said. "The other guy started it".


Mr Collins said that there had been an incident on his way to Aksorn Suksa school in Pattaya to pick up his nine year old daughter.


"I was just on my way to school," he said. "Three or four times there was a pushing match on the road".


He said he felt threatened by the other man - now known to be 28 year old Sumet Rungratanaphan, a gold shop owner in South Pattaya.


"I went to get a garden tool, a chopper, from the back of my car to protect myself.


"I told him to stop but he kept on coming for me," Mr Collins said over the phone from the police station.


"I got the chopper to make him stop and I bashed his car up a bit, in the back too.


"I thought he was going to kill me"


After that Mr Collins claimed that when he got back in his car the other man "jumped in front of my car and jumped on the bonnet".


His car suffered a broken windscreen.


Some posters believed that the Australian had tried to run down the Thai after video evidence emerged probably from a dash cam.


Regarding the incident at the school when Sumet smacked him in the face in full view of a cop, teachers and students he said:


"I can't remember exactly what happened. The police were talking to me and the next thing I knew I had been bashed and I was on the ground".


The video of the attack was taken by a Daily News reporter at the scene and left little room for argument. Police did not move to immediately arrest Sumet.


The Australian said that he had lived in Thailand for 15 years and had never had any trouble with anyone.


He has been married to his wife Pattama for 13 or 14 years, he said.


Following the hurried interview with Thaivisa he was once again called back into the police interview room where discussions were taking place.


His wife told Thaivisa moments earlier that she expected that her husband would not be fined over the incident.


-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2017-10-12
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4 minutes ago, webfact said:

"I got the chopper to make him stop and I bashed his car up a bit, in the back too.


"I thought he was going to kill me"


Idiotic - He thought the Thai Guy was going to kill him so instead of protecting himself and driving off he got out of his car, grabbed an machete and approached the Thai, threatened him and damaged his car...


This has to be some of the dumbest back-peddaling I've read... the Australian should be in Hospital getting a full check up, he clearly hasn't come to his senses !


There is no dressing up what happened... The Australian guy escalated the situation to Assault - it really is that simple.... He needs to face charges, as does the Thai man for his re-escalation and retaliation after the Police were on the scene. 

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Assault with banned weapon, threatening to kill, hit and run, attempted to kill with car are all serious charges.

The Thai man was nearly killed or nearly crippled.

The old man must pay few millions to not go to jail for few years.

The old man is owed a broken jaw.

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Fellas, give the Expat a break, he's been here 15 years it is bound to happen?  If any of you ever been to any of the Askorn school to pick up your kid it is a mine field of what is wrong with the driving here. You can see first hand in slow motions watch how they think and the decisions that are made in driving. That is why majority of the time I took the motorbike, you can only be amused so much.

What happen he was acting Thai, pulled out a weapon and then try to B.S. his way out of it like a Thai. What went wrong was when he decided to talk his way out instead of sucker punching the Thai. :sorry:

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I wonder if all the lower deck lawyers commenting on this issue were in his shoes at the time would do as they think. Its easy to criticize being ring side; maybe when it happens to you there will be a different outcome. The second video is poor quality and we have no view of what is happening after he gets the garden tool from the back of the vehicle; so you cant comment on that event. You basically have hearsay ( fake news) and the first video. Ask yourselves how many times have we seen here or actual; of baht bus drivers, tuk tuk drivers, taxi drivers with weapons in their vehicles and use them as a threat when they get in a road rage situation, not much different here then. Just move on forget about this, the damage is done not so much to the old guys face but Pattaya tourism will take a blow. Pineapple eyes wont be happy the TAT stats will change.

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there actually are some farang that start fights or are abusive. recently saw a farang with lots of muscles and a small shirt so everyone would see them started to cause a fight in a disco. he looked drunk and maybe underlying brain problems related to steroid use. club security surrounded him and defused it.

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