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BANGKOK 18 June 2019 23:58
Jonathan Fairfield

What You Really Want to Know About Cryptocurrency Trading for Beginners.

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What You Really Want to Know About Cryptocurrency Trading for Beginners




Have you ever imaged yourself Trading Cryptocurrencies?

Now there are well over 1000 cryptocurrencies or also known as Alt-coins with Bitcoins dominating this market with almost 50% dominance.


Many people have been asking me how I’m able to earn consistently and profitably Day-trading Crypto-currencies.

They can’t imagine what to look for out of all those Coins on the market and when to buy. And they want to know which coins are in demand and when to buy.


For those who haven’t yet started trading cryptocurrencies or just starting then at it’s most fundamental level is to correctly position yourself in a coin that is due to increase in value whether in a gradual way or sky rocket.


It isn’t just a case of calling it buying and selling as there are cycles of a coin that need to be addressed first. To become successful and skilled in crypto-currency trading needs an investment in yourself first even before you think about getting some Bitcoins. According to a recent study approx only 6% of those studied are aware of Bitcoins, it’s current price, potential and implications. Are you one of those? If so, you may know that the price has increased dramatically from just 0.10 USD 7 years ago to almost 5,000 USD today.


In order for you to profit from Bitcoins and Alt-coins you’ll need to enter the crypto market with the correct mentality and approach.


You may have heard before that you usually need to lose hundreds of dollars during the learning curve as a beginner. But I just don’t accept that, it is truly unnecessary and unnaceptable. For beginners, I don’t accept any losses. As friends and family have began their journey into Cryptocurrencies I support and ensure they minimize and manage their risk to minimize losses in the long term.


The best analogy that’s helped me to progress fairly quickly at Trading is that this game is like owning a Store. You have many products to choose from as in Alt-coins, you buy at wholesale and sell at retail or at a premium. Many traders make the mistake of buying at retail and then trying to sell at a premium price which often gets them burned with losses.


We are no different than store owners who buy at the cheapest wholesale prices who then sell at retail or at a premium during a time of high demand only. The majority of Traders lose out because of a lack of fundamental understanding and preparation before doing anything. Enter with the correct mindset, the right game plan, patience and decision making, then that’s the beginning of successful, consistent and profitable trading.


Bio:  Dominik is a Digital Currency Consultant and Day Trader who helps beginners make a safe and secure entry into profiting from crypto-currencies and blockchains.


Join him during the 18-19th November, Too Fast To Sleep, 762 Rama 4 Rd., Si Phraya, Bang Rak, Bangkok


More info: https://www.facebook.com/events/137228940336130/?__mref=mb




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the one thing no one talks about is the increase in your electricity bill after you start running mining rigs.


everything costs.....just saying.

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Creating something out of nothing , it's magic . The good thing is : it's not just by the central bankers to benefit the 1 %. Anybody can "play" with crypto currencies and get rich.

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i gave all my money to Santa Claus ,he invested it in bitcoins......

He told me we gone be rich by Kristmas.........


In bitcoin world there are 2 types of people ,

The crooks and the smart guys ........guess witch type wins and witch  type looses ??????

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48 minutes ago, Guitar God said:

I doubled my money just holding Bitcoin from June to August so I took my initial investment back and now  I have nothing to lose and I'm already up almost 50% again. 


Bitcoin has doubled in value every 8 months since 2010. 


Best altcoin investment was ukcoin. I bought 2.6 million at .00000001 and sold it for .00000003 the next day for a 300% profit.


I earn 1% interest a year on a savings  account  with Bangkok Bank. 

So why did you sell  ?

I'm genuinely curious...why not hang on until bitcoin reaches a million dollars?  or 10 million dollars?


Is it simply good manners or greed?


If you made 300%..who lost.....nobody?


How does that work?.

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12 hours ago, BuaBS said:

Creating something out of nothing , it's magic . The good thing is : it's not just by the central bankers to benefit the 1 %. Anybody can "play" with crypto currencies and get rich.

Something out of nothing? What do you think those paper notes in your wallet are, shares in a gold mine? All fiat currencies are O.O.N. They rely on trust, not physical objects.

The ad's a scam of course. Day trading in any form is dangerous because the market cannot be predicted. Bitcoin has gained 350% this year and will probably double to $10,000 in the next six months. I bought some last year. That's the money end.

More important is its basis - blockchain. The ability to complete transactions transparently, almost instantaneously at very little cost.

Bankers are worried. With blockchain you can send payments anywhere, P2P, no bank in seconds, no cheating, no commissions. 

For the Bitcoin trading, right now you can lose as easily as win. Caveat emptor as my old Latin teacher said..

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1 hour ago, tinom said:

I see many ironic comments and words like ponzi
To ozterix: Last time BTC was at $100 was early september 2013, when I jumped in after a too long contemplative study. 1year ago we were in the $610+ range, still near ten fold!

It's been a wild rollercoaster with some boring too quiet times (2014-2015)

Bitcoin and cryptos are the email of the papermail for money with (nearly) free instant worldwide transactions available.

Once upon a time, internet was a messaging system between scientists and universities which you only heard about in the news, then geeks and visionaries joined, then you saw a cyber-café open in town and opened Netscape for the first time, then your neighbour or friend had it's 14,4k modem, then, now (nearly) everyone has a connected smartphone.
Depth of adoption has been rising parabolic.

Jan 9th 2009, first Bitcoin mined, then slow geeks adoption, May 22 2010, a pizzeria accepted 10'000 BTC for 2 pizza (today's value = $57'000'000), April 2013 "Cyprus Crisis" up to $260, sept-dec 2013 up to $1'163 (geek&early experiment), 2014 crash to $240 after Mt-Gox "hack", slow recovery till end 2015...
Since 2016, popular and financial medias drive a wide attention to Bitcoin, funds and financial institutions invest or consider, nations regulate the cryptocurrencies environement, one of your friend has bought a fraction of Bitcoin or more... and Bitcoin is only $5'800 for now
... soon everyone will have his wallet on his smartphone and pay for anything with cryptocurrencies...
A parabolic adoption is expected in the next year and following, be ready to hear and read many naysayers "It's a bubble" or "Tulips"...
Honestly, we had a "crocodile teeth" rising price for Bitcoin, but be prepared to see a vertical curve for the nexts years.

Only 21Mln Bitcoins will ever be "mined", not enough for each actual fiat $ millionaire to own one.
Censor-resistant, un-counterfaitable, deflationary, no QE, no bankster manipulations, peer-to-peer, open source, public ledger...

At it is a new technology attracting many new users each day, scammers are fishing for easy money.
Ponzi scheme "HYIP" are spammed around, new ICOs (Initial Coin Offering) pop at a rapid rate, some with a real project and value, but a majority of deceiving "pump and dump" honey pots.

Visit bitcoin dot org or 99bitcoins dot com , do a bit of digging through the infos and teach yourselves.
Never invest what you cannot afford to loose.

Swiss man, 50y.o. I run a restaurant and guesthouse named Auberge du Soleil in Kampot, South Cambodia, accept crypto payments since opening in 2014, I use bitcoins to pay where it is available, and I "Hodl".
I am happy to have foreseen the evolution of Bitcoin back in 2013.

It is not too late...
Enjoy the ride

If you bought Bitcoin in 2013 you are a wealthy person.

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6 hours ago, ozterix said:

your comment is too easy, too simplistic... and not smart at all...


if you had bought a bit coin for 100 USD a year ago, today you could sell it for 5700 USD... there is no crook, no smart because nobody could have predicted such a high increase... just luck and some low risk (Understand that 100% of the lottery winners had purchased a ticket...)


There is no get rich quick scheme in this, carefully investing what you can afford to lose... but seriously, how would you feel if you had invested 1000 USD 18 months ago and it would be today 56,000 USD.


When you consider bitcoin and alt coins, you need to compare with normal currency. What are the differences?


normal money

(also called FIAT currency - from the latin expression: be as this, in other words valued defined by a superior authority, a government)

  1. is printed by the government, you have no idea how many they have produced.
  2. can be printed and again, resulting in massive inflation that we are all suffering from
  3. can be copied and printed illegally by scam artists / experts... and you have fake money
  4. can be stolen from your pocket, wallet, bank account, home safe, CC on internet, etc...
  5. you can sell something and get a bounced cheque, or a fake CC, etc...
  6. can be easily destroyed in fire, floods etc...
  7. is bulky to transport when you have a lot
  8. is very costly to transfer across countries - try sending 100 USD to a friend overseas and see how much you lose...
  9. can take serious amount of time to be transferred across borders and multiple banks - try sending USD to Myanmar from KB in Bangkok...


by opposition, Crypto currency is

  1. is defined by an arithmetic equation
  2. is finite in quantity, it is mathematically impossible to produce more, so can not suffer inflation
  3. can not be imitated nor copied, the technology and arithmetic makes it unique
  4. can not be stolen from your electronic wallet, if you apply decent protection, available today 
  5. transactions with crypto coins can not be repudiated, a transaction is final, can not be reversed
  6. is by virtue indestructible
  7. you can carry an unlimited amount in your electronic wallet that is stored on your phone, with a copy in your safe at home and on the phone of your wife and in paper format in another safe place, multiple garanties that you can not lose it.
  8. cost about nothing to transfer on the other side of the world
  9. transfer is just about immediate (5 to 30 min max) to get the final confirmation

So, based on this, do you really believe FIAT currency has more survival potential than crypto? I don't, and many also think the same way. I attended a presentation by Mr. Korn, our previous finance Minister who said he had less faith in the survival of the FIAT currency than in Crypto. Read this article


Yes government will try to block it, but they have no way of doing it, unless they stop ALL internet connection, which would mean a total paralysis of the Markets, trading, banking, etc... A total impossibility. They can as China does, make ICO illegal and stopping exchange, but all Chinese can still trade on overseas exchanges using internet and a VPN.


Can it be used for criminal activity? Sure, and it has been but USD still remains the preferred currency of criminals, crypto as it is today is NOT anonymous, all transactions are on public general ledgers and as such are open to scrutiny. It is not traceable as simply as a cheque in a bank, but it is NOT anonymous. And you know today that LOTS of money is transferred to fake bank accounts, cashed and gone before anyone has had time to realize.


Is it risky? sure is, this is why you should not invest more than you can afford to lose, but if you gain as it has happened in the past consecutively for 10 years, you can make big money...


Are these guys the best suitable people to teach you? Don't know, and I doubt very much they have strong knowledge in computer security to be able to teach people to trade and store safely, but there is lots of places you can learn for free, in meetups on Crypto, in seminars organized by security firms, or lawyers like DFDL who will run a crypto seminar each quarter, use google...


Don't close your eyes on something that will change the world or you are going to miss big time...







Thanx, I learned more in the three minutes it took to read your post than all the others put together.............I always thought the Crypto Currency sellers were deliberately keeping the secret so they were the only ones making money.   But, But, But, and there are always buts, the risk is so great - it went up to about $4,000, down to $2200, now back up to $5600  for most of us - thats heart attack time...........can you explain why this market is so volatile??  I mean instead of dropping a dollar or two, it drops hundreds in a day, and the other way around as well.  Now it is worth five times more than gold, Gold investors are long term strategists - do you consider bitcoins long term??

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9 hours ago, jgarbo said:

Something out of nothing? What do you think those paper notes in your wallet are, shares in a gold mine? All fiat currencies are O.O.N. They rely on trust, not physical objects.

Preaching to the choir , dude . Why do you think I added central bankers to my post ? Because they are the ultimate "something out of nothing" . All paper is worthless ... when TRUST in them evaporates.


Crypto currencies are great and will lock out the banking world ( and governments)  when they are REALLY anonymous and settle down in a stable price . For now it's a get rich quick scheme .

Real value and money will still be things you can hold in your hands , like PM's .

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17 hours ago, SpeakeasyThai said:

Only invest what you are prepared to lose in this mickey mouse get rich quick ponzi scheme, or better still AVOID.

Once again I see someone calling crypto currency a ponzi scheme. Dear Sir, tell me what you understand with Ponzi scheme, because in my eyes you don't know what you are talking about. So I would advice you: follow your own advice, but shut up. If you don't know anything about crypto currency but want to have a say in it, start watching YouTube movies about cryptocurrency. There are a lot of simple movies, which even you might understand. One thing is certain: crypto currency is here to stay, wether you like it or not.

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