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Serial Dutch pedophile arrested in Hua Hin

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3 hours ago, KittenKong said:


The report says "Between 2010 and 2017, there were 113 cases in Chonburi, 25 in Chiang Mai and 12 in Bangkok." That's 150 in 8 years. During which time Thailand received some 192 million foreigners (source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tourism_in_Thailand)


So that's about 1 in 13 million. Which curiously enough is quite close to the chance of winning the UK lottery jackpot (1 in 14 million). And you call that "significant"? I think you are deluded.




Unfortunately for your simplistic, back-of-a-fag-packet arithmetic, Chonburi, Chinag Mai and Bangkok don't represent all of Thailand.

Furthermore, it only deals with those who've actually been caught.

Furthermore, farang nonces in Thailand appear to make a beeline for remote villages where they can procure victims easily, cheaply and with much reduced risk of being disturbed by law enforcement.


The stats TNN supplied represent those who take the risk of engaging in their disgusting activities in or around major conurbations.

I call it significant because these beasts are being discovered at an alarming rate.

Two Germans a couple of weeks ago, an American child rapist the month before and now this Dutch filth.

There is need for decisive action - screen all white males against kiddie fiddler registers upon entry to the kingdom.

Racial profiling works


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"Note all the nonces are from farang countries. No Chinese, no Africans, no Asians"

Depends on how you interpret that statement. Me, I just think those countries have so much paedo available they don't have to come to Thailand to get their kink on. The UK, USA, France, Et Al... drive their Paedo's out of the country would be another interpretation.

By the way, the picture says it is from 2013, Took the Neatherlands (interpol?) long enough to drop the dime on this guy.

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14 hours ago, Rodbayne94 said:

there are many women and this man wants a child, he has mental problems

...now all the innocent children have the problems..what about them..not a mention ..and just look at the file photo of him sitting quiet and demure..words fail me.

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15 hours ago, LukKruengDam said:

Need to round up all Europeans and deport them from the motherland. 

Well, it could be said that if sellers stop selling it then buyers would not be able to buy it.  For me I have always had a problem with men who are attracted to their same gender.

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The US is going to start stamping passports of convicted sex offenders.  It will be up to Thailand to allow or disallow....based on so e reports here, they already turn back known child sex offenders.


The feminazis have tried posting pictures of random males on campuses with a  note:  "suspected rapist"...it didn't go over to well.  Rolling Stone just paid big for falsely portraying fraternity behavior.  IMO, denial of entry is fair and reasonable.  I noticed a website of priests in the US, who have been accused..over 1000 of them...all still in the priesthood.  

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10 hours ago, Thai Ron said:

After many run ins with certain posters on other threads who deny that farang nonces are here in significant numbers, TNN's stats couldn't have come at a better time.

Notice the attempts to divert attention from the story by comparing the numbers to those of native paedos.

People trying to deny farang paedos are here in significant numbers.

Note all the nonces are from farang countries. No Chinese, no Africans, no Asians. Much as it pains me to say, the problem has reached the point where drastic action is needed to protect Thailand's children from foreign paedo scum..........even if it causes the decent, non warped farangs to suffer the minor ignominy of being racially profiled.

I propose providing the immigration service with read-only interrogative access to the sex offender register for each of the farang countries mentioned and that every white male entering the kingdom is screened against the databases.

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Data in most countries support what you are saying: 


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16 hours ago, Brigante7 said:

Absolute scum, 2 bullets to the back of the head, problem solved. 





Regarding the likes you received I start to worry about the primitive Farang who moved to Thailand. Ane eye for an eye....no matter how disgusting pedophiles are your 'solution' is equally disgusting. 

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