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Serial Dutch pedophile arrested in Hua Hin

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6 hours ago, Machiavelli said:

Easy to figure out. According to the FBI, white males make more than 80% of the kiddy diddlers (pedophiles). They can't practice the filthy deed in their home countries. They have infested SEA. They can take advantage of the poverty and corrupt law enforcement. Thailand reeks to high heaven of this sickos. There must be a way to check if those seeking to stay permanently in Thailand are not kiddy diddler registries in their home countries. 

Oh I get that part. I just dont get how sick, twisted & deranged their minds are.

Remember a few years back the Canadian pedophile teacher had his face “swirled” on fb so as to disguise himself but the german police were able to “deswirl” his face identify & nab him. Great detective work there. He did some time here & back in Canada. I think he’s out now though, not  100% sure.

Sick, twisted people that destroy childrens lives like that need to be castrated & lobotomized electrically. 

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1 hour ago, Slip said:

I've been watching your posts with a little interest the last few days Thai Ron, but I think you are wrong here.  ALL foreign people who want to apply for any sort of long term visa here should have this sort of thing vetted, not just caucasians or Europeans.  I can't understand why countries such as the uk and us don't make this information readily available to developing countries.

Pretty simple, mate.


Caucasians/Europeans are the foreigners committing the offences against children here.

Not Asian foreigners, Indian foreigners, Latino foreigners or African foreigners.

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On Monday, November 06, 2017 at 11:07 PM, Seismic said:

You do understand that foreign pedophiles make up only a tiny fraction, and that the vast majority are Thai don't you ??.

Yes it true what you say but I'm sure its all Farangs fault with what ever happens 

Just assume no one else does anything wrong 

No matter what any of us White Devils say we are in the wrong 

Don't forget other post regarding Guns it was a Farangs fault 

Dont forget the mashettie it was Farangs fault 

Don't forget the skin whitening it was Farangs fault 

I could go on but won't 

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On 11/7/2017 at 5:53 PM, natway09 said:

Thank the Lord that I find this repulsive

Is it a gene problem or just a sickness ?

Not sure if he deserves a place on our already crowded planet

he certainly deserves a place in a European Jail where we all know how sex offenders are treated, and while he is there find all his mates to join him

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I cannot even begin to imagine, the level of insanity, the degree of a warped mind, and the broken level of a soul, to even want to engage in something like this. But, the fact is, when caught he needs to be taken down with a vengeance, and if there is proof of his misdeeds, as there appears to be, he needs to be imprisoned for the rest of his life, castrated immediately, and put out of circulation forever. This kind of behavior simply cannot be tolerated.


I do believe there is a very limited amount of this kind of thing that happens here. Hopefully, I am right about that. Now, in Cambodia it is rampant. At least it used to be, according to a journalist friend of mine, who was responsible for finding a few perpetrators, and getting them locked up for decades. 

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2 minutes ago, nemrut said:

Question is why are there so many farang pedophiles, serial killers, and mass shooters? 


What is it about farang culture and countries they come from that makes such socio/psychopathy so common?

How is that racism working out for you? Pedos, serial killers (and to a lesser extent, even mass shooters) are common in every race and culture. 

What is it about your own makeup that makes you think it is OK to judge people by the colour of their skin?

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Always outrage at headlines like this on TV. Hang 'em high etc, but in many cases (maybe not this one as he was luring the kids himself) there is a case of supply and demand.

the Pedo has the demand and the locals do the supplying. It has been going on for decades here. Money number 1.  

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