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It's a Thai rip off as marathon organizers take the money and run!


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It's a Thai rip off as marathon organizers take the money and run!



"Bare Faced Con"


As Thailand's tourism authorities trumpet the country as a hub of sports comes embarrassing news from a marathon that never was.


More than a thousand Thai and foreign runners arrived in Phitsanulok to take part in a marathon and other runs but they were left standing as organizers pocketed the cash and disappeared.


The eager runners had paid 400-600 baht for ten km, half marathon and full marathon runs.


They were promised "loft accommodation" but when they arrived it was a floor in an old school building.


There were no bibs or T-shirts as promised.


In addition there were: no starters, no medals or trophies, no official timers and no signage of distances.


The runners demanded why they had been conned out of a million baht while the organizers cancelled the event scheduled for October 15th at the last minute. Most people had paid online.


It was billed as the "Noen Maprang Scenic Marathon 2017", reported Tnews citing comments made on the popular Facebook page of Mem Pho Dam. Tnews publish a picture of runners with the headline in red: "Bare Faced Con".


A total of 1,500 people were expected to take part.


The organizers have said that money will be handed back on November 15th but due to the fact that many people have so far been unsuccessful in getting their cash back many runners are doubtful they will see anything returned.


Thailand's Ministry for Tourism and Sports has been talking up the country as a hub of sports highlighting the marathon due to be held in Bangkok on February 4th as a fine example of what Thailand has to offer.


Source: TNews

-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2017-11-10
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Love it.......it could only happen here..........:sorry:


p.s. I,m thinking of holding a tiddly winks world championship in the near future...would I need a work permit.....:whistling:

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I have been taking part in these runs (mini, half, super-half marathons) in Bangkok and other cities for the last about 18 years, so several hundred runs. Most of them are well organised, a few could have been done better but only very few were poorly organised, but never been cheated. I hope the authorities track down the organisers and take action.

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The saddest part of the story isn't that they stole money from these runners. It's that they stole a perfect opportunity for many of these runners to post selfies on social networks informing the world of what they're up to. Many of these people may have been running for a charity and are now not going to get the recognition and validation their lives are so badly missing. 


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