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Jonathan Fairfield

Thaivisa and Adblockers

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Thaivisa and Adblockers

Running any business costs money and needs a revenue stream in order to operate, without this money the business will close.

Thaivisa is no exception to this rule and costs money to operate. Our primary revenue stream is from banner revenue, without this we cannot afford to provide you with the service you want. It is no different from a cafe expecting you to pay for a cup of tea, in fact you would not even think about using a service or shop anywhere else without paying, in our case the banner advertisers pay for you - so it's an even better outcome for you!

Anyone that uses an adblocker deprives a business of revenue that they need in order to operate. As such with immediate effect we will be implementing a count down for users with adblocker, meaning they will have to wait 10 seconds before reading the content they want to read. 

If you do use an adblocker, we would recommend you turn off your adblocker in order for normal service to be resumed. You may also select Thaivisa as an exception to your adblocker.


Help us run a business you can count on, everyday 24 hours a day by allowing us to operate commercially, turn off your adblocker. 


Thank you for your understanding on this matter.


Thaivisa management

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