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Thanks for the memories - tearful sacked tourism minister goes online after PM boots her out


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16 hours ago, darksidedog said:

If she was doing such a wonderful job, perhaps she can explain why she got sacked? That normally happens when you are failing badly.

Would be more interesting to hear from the PM as to why he canned her.  Did he feel she did not perform in the job?  Has he got someone to reward? Just old fashioned politics?  Not a lot a Tourism minister can do to get the numbers up when the news reports of this and that which sometimes work against tourism.  Lots of questions but there will be no answers.

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This a plum position and giving it back to Kowsurat, was a savvy political move (he a Chartthai honcho and will be needed to form a "camouflage coalition").


Most of this cabinet reshuffle accomplished similar goals.


Kobkarn had a nice run, no clue why she'd want to hang on?

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8 hours ago, Sid Celery said:

And just how do you think her parents got be high up in Toshiba Thailand? Part of the price to Toshiba of doing business in Thailand, same as all the rest. And the price was requested why? Generous donations.




It is a well established family with a history of supporting the military do her mother was in an ideal situation to negotiate a deal with Toshiba since they needed a Thai partner.


Her grandparents were Mah and Boonkrong whose initails are used to get to the name of the shopping centre MBK built by her uncle. The name Mahboonkrong is still used for their original rice business centred around Pathum Thani Rice Mills Ltd. Other family businesses where they have major influence or control  include Thailands 6th largest bank, Thanachart, and Dusit Thani hotels. Another offshoot of the family is the Chokchai's as in the farm.


The family name is Bulakul which was adopted by the chinese grandparents and is made up from 'bul' taken from the name of  previous dictator Phibul Songkram and 'kul' meaning clan.


One of her uncles was 'special advisor' to the Constitional Court who have obviously been responsible for significant decisions  regarding previous political events in Thailand.


The carefully cultivated image of her as strong, independent business woman is only a small part of why she got the job in the first place and ignores the huge amount of hidden influence behind her which could be getting caught up by a new brush doing a  bit of cleaning.



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17 hours ago, canuckamuck said:

We are going to miss that wacky chick.

Gone to join Inspect Clouseau.    We will miss her for the same reasons we miss him, for comic relief purposes only.  For practical ability to do the job?   Good Riddance.

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16 hours ago, Thailand said:

Yingluck does it better with more style.

MUCH!  And better physical presence perhaps.  Both were deluded,  but this one probably REALLY believed her own stuff.  I am not sure which is the worse attribute.

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18 hours ago, Nigeone said:

Will we get some honest arrival figures now I wonder ?

no way until own house is put in order. you hear bashing of tourist for one reason or another. that is barbaric. if a tourist has offended against any laws/s process him or her through the judicial system. no one should be big enough to take the law in own hand and be the judge, jury and the executioner all in one.

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18 hours ago, stanleycoin said:

The last Hub.

Hub of tears.

quick ...someone call a wa wa wambulance for this clue looking for a crime . it is way past time for her to take her last dump in office . on your way out do not take all the scented tissue .....

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24 minutes ago, NextStationBangkok said:

In fact she is a sport personality.


Anyhow tourists are flowing into Thailand, so no more minister is required ?



# is "sex tourism" a sport??


# is there any graft at tat that is worth crying over?


# can she join the "hillary what happened" tour?

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