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Anyone using FarangBox?

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Not defending anything, just telling it as it is. Depends on quality of HD resolution I have Mag 265 set at 1980x1080 which requires ideally 16Mbps you're obviously running at much lower resolution probably 720p. As for nperf I would not take seriously any comments that are posted on TV saying its results are fake, but rather take note of specialist website recommendations. Try doing some research rather than just following the pack on here.

There's a trick in Kodi that can give you a more precise answer of what bandwidth you need. While the video is playing in Kodi, on the keyboard simultaneously press the "Shift" "Ctrl" and "O" keys and then some stats will pop up in the top left corner of your screen. Among those stats is the data rate of the video that's playing, expressed in Mb/sec. The data rate fluctuates depending upon the scene, and video from some sources is more compressed than from others (that is to say, video from some sources might be HD in terms of the pixel count but lossy compression is used that decreases required bandwidth but may degrade other aspects of video quality). With the best (legal) paid services, what I see in Kodi is that 720p/60fps video usually has a data rate of less than 6 Mbps and from pirated IPTV services its often half of that. You can do the math and extrapolate from that how much bandwidth would be needed for 1080p and 4K video.


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he is a reseller of King-Box.net 


I would suggest going tomking his directly or using bestbuyiptv.net which is much cheaper.  About 20 euros per quarter. 


Farangbox ox is a scam.  Steals your money and doesn’t pay his bills to the carrier.   My account for 1 year was disabled and I lost out on 9 months.   




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