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Couldn't some of our Chiang Mai members do a follow up in Chiang Mai. It isn't making the press nowdays.

how can we possibly do something like an inquiry without feeling that we are a bit concerned about his fate?

for some of us, who had or not met him before all this sh#ts happen, we had very mixed feelings, it's not this easy to think that someone you once appreciate fooled you and your friends, and in reality is a real piece of sh#t.

someone that you would have liked not to meet ever. (sorry my poor english ..see what I mean?)... :D

whatever happens to him, I don't care, deported or jailed here for 20 years, I don't give a sh#t ..., so please don't ask for news from me.

I just want to forget this highly regretable thing.

and I do hope that we will not talk about tonight with Chiang Mai Thaivisa meeting ...

sorry to be a bit rude but this subject just disgusts me!

ENOUGH of this ...

but may be some would like to follow the story ... up to them ... :o

for me it's end of story./


ps; sorry doc ... it's not intended to hurt anyone, just tired of this :D

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Thread closed. As soon we have an official report or news clippings, I will post it.


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