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Setting up a new language school


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I am currently an International school teacher. I am fully qualified to teach ie I have a BA and PGCE. I am thinking about setting up a language institute of some kind, which would provide a variety of courses eg TEFL Teacher Training, IELTS preparation, Business English, Thai Language and Culture. I would welcome any insight or advice on the process, legal and otherwise, from the well versed members here.

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You'll need to set up a company and then apply to license your premises as a school with the Thai MoE. You should take expert advice for this part of the process.


You'll need to spend a lot of money to meet the requirements for licensing your 'school' building. There will be renovation costs, equipment costs, staff costs etc.


Until you have a school license, your school won't be able to legally employ foreign teachers - can't obtain non-imm Bs and work permits for teaching. The school license process can take 1 - 2 years.


You then need to find customers. Do you know how to sell? Are you prepared to spend 10s of thousands of baht each month on advertising?


Until the customers come flocking to you, you'll have large fixed costs each month that come out of your pocket. You'll cry some months at the pain.


In summary, to set up and run a successful and legal non-formal school, you'll need time, lots of money, patience and most importantly ability.


Once you start making money, expect criticism for not sharing more of your profits with teachers or sacking unreliable staff.


Most people 'planning to set up a 'school' are dreamers and never get past the ask a question on TV stage.


Good luck.

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