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Inquest hears how Hells Angel was murdered in Pattaya


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Inquest hears how Hells Angel was murdered in Pattaya


Wayne Schneider.jpg

File photo: Wayne Schneider


An inquest in Sydney has heard how a former Hells Angel died after being tied to a chair and beaten to death in Pattaya.


Notorious underworld figure and Pattaya expat Wayne Schneider was abducted by masked men from his house in the resort town on November 30th 2015.


His naked body was found a few days later buried in a shallow grave in jungle in Sattahip province.


In February, Pattaya Provincial Court sentenced Antonio Bagnato, 28, to death for the murder of Schneider.



File photo: Antonio Bagnato


Today, an inquest held at Glebe Coroner's Court in Sydney revealed details about Schneider’s murder.


Acting state coroner Teresa O'Sullivan said Schneider was murdered and that he died from a blunt force injury to the head. Ligature marks were also found on Schneider’s body.


The inquest heard how Bagnato, along with three other men, had abducted Schneider due a long standing debt.


Thai police told their Australian counterparts how Schneider’s blood was found in a property rented by Bagnato.


The inquest also heard about the criminal backgrounds of both Schneider and Bagnato.


In 2006, Schneider was named one of New South Wales’ 10 most-wanted fugitives.


Heavily involved with the Hells Angels, Schneider had fled Australia for Dubai in 2012 after Australian police raided two meth labs he was connected with.


He then moved to Pattaya but regularly travelled to Dubai to visit family.


Bagnato, another career criminal, is also suspected in the murder of Sydney man Brad Dillon in 2015.

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Comment by Leeneeds.

Anger management course, ha. The anger management would have needed syco treatment after.

ye, live by the sword die by the sword. 

The US Prez would have sorted this out on his first visit.

The Thai government should hire him to come on an all paid visit and call a meeting in a stadium and lay out the rules or else.

Shaurene. The Prez of the village peddle bike gang. All under 10 yrs old in my village in Khon Kaen.

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4 hours ago, sammieuk1 said:

Is this a re-enactment photo with  Antonio Bagnato in a blue plastic chair?

I wish.  Scum.  Gee what a coincidence that that inquest is going on in Sydney and a big Aussie angel round up last night.  Amazing coincidence, isn't it?

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I lived beside a Hells Angels chapter back in Canada for a few years. Decent blokes for the most part. They never screwed with civilians and if you showed them respect they showed it to you.


However, screw them and you're screwed.



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