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Which canon translations do Thais use?

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I'm aware that among the monks in Thailand studying Pali and, in turn, studying the suttas (in Pali) is not uncommon. But recently i wondered how many Thai translations of the canon are there in Thailand?

In English to-date we have translations by PTS, Ven. Bhikkhu Bodhi, Ven. Thanissaro Bhikkhu among some of the more popular ones.

Thinking that Thailand is a country where Buddhism has been widespread for a long time now - i thought there would be a lot of different Thai translations (from Pali) with multiple editions, from different translators, having different reputations, etc, etc.


But - my looking up on google isn't turning up any information on this, like names, publications, sites, reviews and such. I was limited to English results only though, since i don't understand or read Thai.


The idea that ordained and lay followers in Thailand all study and read canon in Pali - just, somehow, isn't settling in my mind.


Thought i'd ask here. Perhaps anyone who knows could share their knowledge and shed some light on this question.

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