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sinking braids


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Recently I got back to fishing and I love it again, i bought a new line spiderwire ultracast fluoro braid. I was fishing on the bottom no float for mekong. I was doing so at bung pla bug. I know that in bungsamran fishing on the bottom is not going to work. However there it does work and with the sinking braid i encountered less problems (meaning I had less people in my line). The braid really does sink and that means it can lie on the bottom if you give it a bit of line. This can be real useful for fishing as your line is not high up in the water so when an other reels in a fish you don't get tangled up as easy. 

I am not sure how good it works on a float at the surface. I have had sinking braids before and they never seemed to work well on the surface this one might be different. I am not sure about it. But if your fishing on the bottom this certainly is a good braid. I saw it in my local fishing shop and you can get it online. 

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