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Pattaya: Great Dane tries to kill himself as Nepalese neighbor steps in to perform exorcism


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Pattaya: Great Dane tries to kill himself as Nepalese neighbor steps in to perform exorcism



Picture: 77Jowo


Pattaya police station chief Apichai Krobpetch got a call about a Danish man making a lot of noise in an apartment room in Soi 17 on New Year's Eve.


He dispatched a patrol and traffic cops who were in the area went to the building opposite The Boutique Hotel in South Pattaya.


They rushed to room 807 where Henum Morten, 53, was trying to electrocute himself with a cord from a fan.


However the cops had taken the precaution of cutting the electricity first so there was no immediate danger to life.


The room had Thai booze bottles and glass smashed all about along with other things all over the place.


Henum was naked on the bed and they tried to put some clothes on the large man but the great Dane was not having that and resisted all attempts at clothing.


As the police tried to calm the situation the unruly tourist bit the leg of one of the good Samaritans who was aiding the constabulary. Fortunately he was not badly hurt.


This commotion was too much for a Nepalese neighbor who had been watching the melee. He strode forward and believing the Dane to be possessed of a spirit unwrapped the rosary beads from his neck and proceeded to hit the Dane with them multiple times to cast out the evil.


The assembled party were aghast at this scene and stepped in to stop the Nepalese performing his impromptu exorcism.


At this point they grappled with the struggling Dane and bound him hand and foot with cord.


It took ten police and Samaritans some time to carry the heavy man out to a waiting Thesakit pick-up, reported 77Jowo.


He calmed down somewhat at Pattaya police station where it was decided he was possessed of a different kind of spirit - he was charged with drunk and disorderly behavior.


He was then taken to hospital.


Source: 77Jowo

-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2018-01-02
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How did they know he was trying to kill himself in the privacy of his own room?  Did the fan short-circuit the rest of the building?  Did he have his door open whilst struggling with the cord?  This sounds like a case for TV detectives.

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And to think, It could have all been averted if they simply tied a dead chicken to his left leg and lit some incense. The exorcism definitely an over reaction.

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Brilliant, thank you to the Dane, Nepalese exorcist, Good Samaritan and the RTP for cheering up my day. This is the most entertaining thing I’ve seen here a long time.



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HEADLINE: "Great Dane tries to kill himself as Nepalese neighbour steps in to perform exorcism"


Fortunate for him the exorcism was stopped just in time as this Great Dane could have been reduced to almost nothing.............., "give me a break"


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