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British man arrested over death of bar girl in Pattaya


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British man arrested over death of bar girl in Pattaya



video screenshot


Police in Pattaya have arrested a British man in connection with the death of a woman who fell from the fifth floor of a condominium.


On Sunday, Police arrested a British man at a bar in the city.


Police say he was the last person to see the victim alive, having spent time with her in the moments before her death.


In the early hours of Saturday morning, police were called to Cosy Beach View Condominium in Pratumnak following the discovery after a security guard found the naked woman body of 26 year old Wannipha Chanhuathon.


The suspect said that he rented the room in question at Cosy Beach View Condominium.


He said he had taken a bar girl back for sex in the room - they continued their sex on the balcony when she fell.


He felt distraught and left the scene and went to stay in a resort and spa in Bang Lamung Soi 7, said Thai media.


The police operation took 20 hours until the arrest was made.


According to his passport the suspect is 25.


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31 minutes ago, cornishcarlos said:

Not taken in for questioning but arrested ? They must have some good evidence to link him to the death then !!

Waste of life...

Well, he is a farang, of course.

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Why would a 26yo man need to be anywhere near bargirls [prostitutes], and on Viagra too? Poor girl probably refused unreasonable sexual demands and things deteriorated from there,[ it's amazing how fast the 'girlfriend experience' can turn nasty], violence resulted, girl gets thrown off balcony. If this is the case I hope he gets 50years in Bang Kwang. 

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What a dog of a man, just left, no call for help, an ambulance perhaps, he was stressed and decided to leave, yeh right, looks more like you through her off the balcony now, doesn't it sunshine 555.


What did you think, if I leave, she might get back up, dog, life in prison !!!

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7 minutes ago, Jane Dough said:

He was having sex with her on the balcony....it stands to reason that the police would take him in. 

I do think that her falling off the balcony , was the reason why they arrested him

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1 minute ago, Kadilo said:

Let the speculation begin (2)

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Guilty just on the simple fact that he didn't call anyone for help, guilty written all over it.

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