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5 hours ago, l4ml4m said:

You really think that they care about anything written on this ridiculous form ?!

Once I even wrote fuxxumonkey and they didn't even see it !

Yes, many times they do.  I have had them clarify my address with me each time I have entered the country for the past couple years.  They would squint at the form, and ask, "Where do you live?" and I would hand them my condo business card, they took it, and began typing from it into their computer, then handed it back.  My current Issan address is easier to fit.

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The departure card is the LEFT part of the TM6. You still need to fill some things like names, d o b, passport number etc twice. And need a magnifying glass to see where to write. 

What is the size of the new TM.6 arrival card?   Can somebody upload an image of it with a better resolution than what I have found so far?   Khaosod   The Nation

Likewise on my flight on 31st December..... but in the arrivals hall they were handing out old style.

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