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Trips back home not the same any more.

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I go back to Australia and am always impressed by how big, clean and fancy it is. I always enjoy surfing up at the Gold Coast, or similar. The beaches and clean water sh#t all over anything in Thailand. Fresh food is available everywhere and often cheaper than in Thailand.


Having said that, driving is the pits in Australia, so many cameras its impossible to travel for a week or two without raking up the fines. The restaurants and accommodation are prohibitive. Unless you have your own home, or can live somewhere for free, its too expensive for someone on a modest income.


Australia is a great place, but Thailand has its attractions and is a great place for an older bloke. In Australia, I'm just another old man, but in Thailand it's different.

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How many days cycling is possible in UK?

20 days a year!! lol


Let's get real.


Over Spring, Summer and Autumn (9 months) if looking to cycle each day i would guess it's possible on 20 days each month as an average, so 180 days and I will accept probably very few if any in Winter.


Whereas in Thailand firstly you take your life in your hands on any road and in the summer months and hotter days (300+ days a year) you either accrue Melonoma exposure as a good friend of mine did and died this year back in USA or require sun block application every time or sweat like a pig in clothing. Whereas on many days in UK the weather is MUCH more comfortable cycling weather AND almost whereever you live in UK there will be cycling greenbelt or cycle paths etc in the vicinity.


I am not a keen cyclist, but do enjoy the countryside rides as an occasional activity in UK. Never here in Thailand, even if I knew of one locally. It isn't even an activity that I would wish to do here and often it will involve cycling in traffic at some point, as I mentioned - accidents and diesel exhaust fumes on a far worse scale than UK and cycling provision laughable.


The UK is far far better even if there are days it's too cold etc.

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Let's settle at 150 days a year and stop the fantasy. Some Summer months my cycling mate is out cycling almost every day.


AND STILL ALIVE. Try that here in Thailand.

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Returned back to Sydney in May this year for a week after 18 months away, to see mum (82 years of age) go into a nursing home, her dementia getting worse, her not taking care of her diabetes, all was arranged by my 10 year younger brother, communicating with me via email, we had not had words in ten years because I couldn't let go of a joke he made when he met my wife, she was my new partner at the time, his tasteless joke was; how far can she squirt a ping bong ball, didn't go down well at all, he didn't apologise and blamed it on his wife, saying she said it and he thought it was funny, so he reiterated, when I confronted his wife, she was shocked that he would use her as an excuse for such a cheap stab, so to speak. I have another brother I don't talk to because he ripped mum off 20k for his gambling problems, and blames society for the way he turned out, he will be short 20k when mum passes, because I am her executor and will disperse it with the others, he can then take everyone to court...lol 


We only planned our stay for 1 week, apart from seeing mum into the nursing home, my daughter who lives there, coincidentally she is visiting us on the 22nd for 4 weeks, the usual doctor/specialist check ups, meds, and friends.


We couldn't wait to get back to Thailand as soon as we picked up the rental hire car from the airport, remembering the red light camera's, traffic congestion, and the cost of living in Sydney. When my mates come to Thailand, I catch a flight direct from Isaan to Phuket and meet up with them for a week, and after a week in Phuket, can't wait to get back home to Isaan, have my regular xpat waterholes that I frequent at least 3 times a week and have a good laugh with the lads.


Built a 300 plus square metre house for 100k a few years back that I really enjoy, the outdoor area is a big as the 3 bedroom place we used to live in in Sydney, i.e. 80m2.


The cost of living here is cheap, as was building the house, which would have cost 10 times that amount back in Sydney for the same quality, labour here is a joke, like 300-500 baht a day, so always adding to the house, now needing more land as 1,000 metres of rice paddy that we purchased about a decade ago is almost all house.


Love the country side, sure Thailand isn't perfect, but I feel free here since they let me out of the battery caged production line, would I go back to live in Sydney, if I told you if you had a million dollars, you couldn't live in Sydney, i.e. if you expect to own your home, have a car and eat, go out, and take holidays as you do here. If I ever did it would be for health reasons, as I would prefer to be under the knife back there, don't get me wrong, hospitals here thus far have been good for minor procedures, but the doctors, nurses and hospitals in Sydney are far more advanced then here in my opinion.


My wife is the best cook I have ever met, she even cooks Greek and Italian as well as Thai, which I have gone off over the years unless it doesn't have pork or chicken in it, although still have some favourite dishes. I couldn't have a cup of coffee and sit down with her at breakfast and relax and have a few games of bingo when in Sydney working 14-16 hour days, here, time is Thai time, retired is the best thing ever, and having money and still earning money tax free from the old country, makes it just that better.


I feel as if I will live here till they cremate me, then my wife can place me in the urn and put me on the bookshelf in the bedroom so I can keep an eye on her, making sure she is being well serviced, because there is only one me, oy 555



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20 minutes ago, faraday said:

20 days a month? 

Guess it's possible, if you ignore the constant rain, the cold & ice in winter & the wind. :laugh:

That's what I though, my last year in the UK it rained almost every day, I ain't that keen on going out in the raid, or wind, or ice.

Don't mind hot weather, never needed sunblock, I just cycle in the early morning, or run/hike under forest cover.

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Good for you 4MyEgo


There is a lot of positives too to Thailand. It has been my home for last 6 years.

We can all celebrate the differences and in part that alone is sometimes why people love it here. It's different.


I set out my view in my original post (cycling was but one small, minor point).


It doesn't rain every day for a year. lol If you cycle here early morning to miss the heat there are many days you can see a weather forecast and cycle for a few hours in the day in UK too. I truly think some posters really think that 20 days a year is a reasonable figure. It's simply not remotely realistic for a full year!!

In June to September, you could probably do a minimum of 60 days right there.


imv, when points made are just plain ridiculous (20 days a year) it only goes to demonstrate that in order to make a point the poster is willing to say whatever will support it, even if it defies common sense. Who really wants to tell me in UK, when I want to go out on the cycle I cannot do it because of the weather for 11 months and 10 days each year!! 

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Hmmm, left the UK for Spain with early retirement in 2000.

Met a Thai lady in 2012, soon married, set up home in Thailand and spent more or less half a year in Thailand / Spain.

Drove to the UK in May last year, first time back in 7 years.

Couldn't wait to get back to Spain!


In a few days we're off to Thailand for 3.5 months, not the usual 5.5 months.

For me, Thailand is more expensive than Spain.

I heard that the mozzies have started queuing up to meet me already!!!!

It's unbearably hot and humid.

Life is boring cos we live in the middle of nowhere.

No bars or pubs or night life.

No other Europeans.

Roads are dangerous.

Life is cheap!

Wine is impossibly expensive.

The journey is hell, in both directions.


In future, I may choose to stay in Spain and my wife will have to travel alone to catch up with family and friends.


The cost of getting old I suppose.

Oh, to be a young lad like the OP hee hee.


But, each to their own, we all have choices.

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31 minutes ago, twix38 said:

imv, when points made are just plain ridiculous (20 days a year) it only goes to demonstrate that in order to make a point the poster is willing to say whatever will support it, even if it defies common sense. Who really wants to tell me in UK, when I want to go out on the cycle I cannot do it because of the weather for 11 months and 10 days each year!! 

I don't care when you go cycling, I only do it in nice (dry) weather. So the UK is no good for me unlike Thailand.

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1 hour ago, twix38 said:

just so long as we are aware it isn't raining,  windy or ice for 345 days a year! lol



The weather conditions for cycling in the UK are similar to those for walking. Ice - treacherous and to be avoided. Rainy - OK if you have the right gear. Windy - lovely!!!  

So as a member of The Ramblers and sundry other walking groups, I usually do 2-5 walks per week between April and November and 1-2 between November and January. (Jan - April - Thailand!)

I tend not to start out if it's raining heavily but if it rains partway around, so be it. The combination of rain and cold is why my numbers drop off in December, but most of the year in UK is good for walking and I would suggest, cycling.


Remember.....as Billy Connolly said "There's no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothes"

Not to be taken entirely literally, but you get the idea. 

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