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BANGKOK 23 January 2019 05:40

How to say "wastegate" in Thai relating to car engines?

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Any Thai shop familiar with turbo engines, or your make/model, will understand the term "wastegate" just as the word "turbo" is familiar to them.  Some words do not translate well and the English word is adopted in many languages.

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17 hours ago, greatwhitenorth said:




pronounced pratu seeya

That'd get the shop to direct you to a body shop or a hardware store to find a hinge or something

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Aside from the part in turbocharger ( for thais is just "turbo") mechanism, to translate "wastegate" in to smooth thai words for general use should be "วาล์วถ่ายเทของเสีย" but not the literally translation of the word. 


More words for turbocharger parts just from my memory

Turbine : กังหันเทอร์ไบน์

compressor or centrifugal fan : กังหันไอดี

axle/shaft : แกนเทอร์โบ or แกนเทอร์ไบน์/คอมเพรสเซอร์

compressor or turbine housing : โข่งเทอร์โบ (spoken language) or เสื้อเทอร์โบ (more formal or written)

air inlet : ท่อไอดี(เข้า)

exhaust outlet : ท่อไอเสีย(ออก)

shaft bearing : ลูกปืน(แกน)เทอร์โบ


Not every mechanics now all the parts name in english. They know just some parts that familiar to their ears. Only for the part that has no thai equivalent word (many of them not a translation) then they will use english instead.

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What I found:

turbocharger: ตัวอัดบรรจุอากาศเทอร์โบ dtua àt ban-jù aa-gàat têr boh

wastegate: ที่ผ่อนไอเสีย   têe pòn ai sĭa


"ai sĭa" is for exhaust in general.






transcript from thai2english.com

Edited by KhunBENQ

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