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‘Better if you do’: Phuket Immigration chief urges foreigners to re-register addresses, even if staying off-island just one night


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Grammar Police actually brings an interesting analogy with Traffic Police.

People drive cars in the main to get from A to B and not for the sheer pleasure of it. Driving is governed by rules and by the correct way of doing things. Likewise people come on a forum not to exercise their grammar but to get their point across. But there is so much incorrect grammar on here is it fair to let people remain unaware of their faults and not give them the opportunity to correct them.? TVF could do so much for literacy if only they could see it. (This is of course not a criticism of moderation).

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15 hours ago, Psimbo said:

So at some point if/when (and they DO)  they check and it flags up the passport number as no longer valid in Thailand the fun and games will begin. 


Good luck with that one.

I think they know the passport number change matters not a jot. My car blue book DL and present passport all have different numbers and they can link previous passport numbers in the system.

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4 hours ago, markaoffy said:

Ah Phuket ! Better just leave the place then don’t have to register anywhere ! Crazy rules

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It's a National law. But like any law, it is selectively enforced.

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5 hours ago, Jimi007 said:

It's a National law. But like any law, it is selectively enforced.

Look on the bright side- another Chicken Little won't be visiting though! :post-4641-1156694572:

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20 hours ago, Jimi007 said:

It's a National law. But like any law, it is selectively enforced.

Phuket.....who would want to return anyway

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2 hours ago, Jiggo said:

Phuket.....who would want to return anyway

Clearly not you- why bother posting on a Phuket thread if you have no interest in the place? 


I feel no need to comment on threads about The Sewer.

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On my last visit to Phuket Town Immigration ( PTI ) for my 90 day report ,  I informed the officer I would be heading overseas for a 2 week holiday soon , and did I really need to report my address within 24 hours of returning to Phuket?

He was a pleasant enough fellow , and he sort of sighed and said that , 'Yes , that is now the rules sir'.

I also asked the farang assistants outside , and they grinned and said that it WAS the rules , and what I was essentially doing was another version of a "DOCUMENT OF CERTIFICATE OF RESIDENCE" ,  but PTI allowed a ' bit more than 24 hours'.

They gave me a card with a list of what I'd need to bring , and it stated I needed ( their words , my brackets ) -

1. Copy for (my residences) owner I.D. card

2. Copy registration for house

3. Copy contract for rent ( so 'lease' I guess )

4. Copy passport and visa

5. photo 2" for 2 photo 

I kind of got the feeling that this was a ruling that nobody had any heart for , but since I knew the fine was 1600 baht , as thats what my friend had to pay , and since I had heard since that a daily fine was also possible ( lots of varying amounts depending on who and where they  had had dealings with this  ) , I decided to report. I know an old fellow who was amde pay 1600 , PLUS 1200 for being 5 days late - first day 'free'..)

Today was rainy , so at the last minute I decided to go to Patong , rather than PTI.

I dislike the two men in the Patong Office immensely , they are snakes as far as Im concerned. But since I felt I had everything correct , I stopped there.


There was no mention of a TM form ,  and it being May , nobody lining up , so I went straight in.

This is a close transcript of my interaction ...

"Pappa , come in , what you doing?"

 Wadee kup ( wai ) : "Sir , I've been on vacation and was told I need to report within 24 hours.."

Holding out hand , "Yesss. You make the paper ?"

"Yes Sir."

He looks to the other guy  at the next desk who has a 'customer' . This other  guy Ive met before ( he demanded 1000 baht off me for a 'Proof of Residence' paper on a jam packed day  16 months  back )  ,   and he always acts as slick as a used car dealer.

"You see this man ..( passes papers to the next guy ) "

The 'other'  guy looks up and takes my papers and pics .

He says , "You just come back from another country and you are Retirement huh?"

"Yes Sir."

" You landlord can do this paper. Or you can do online."

"Sir , my landlord is an old Thai man , and he says he doesn't know what to do."

Grunts. Looks at the info card from PTI that I have stapled to the plastic sleeve containing the papers required.

"You go Phuket Town already?"

"Yes , before I went overseas and they told me what to bring."

"Why you not go Phuket Town today huh?"

"Sir today it is raining."


"Ok , I will help you ."

Ignoring his customer , he spins his PC toward himself , taps away , stamps a small piece of paper twice  , and hands me back everything Ive brought without looking at it or keeping anything. It takes 30 seconds.

He passes my papers in the sleeve back.

I  thank them , wai , and am gone.


I can see no marking of anything he did  in my passport.

The "Certificate of Notification " ( of notification of aliens address ) remains from 2558 ( 2015 ) ..


And , my 90 day report notice ( TM6 )  , remains the same paper stapled in back.

Im sure that once , more than a year back , that  on arrival at the airport , they issued a new one and dated it 90 days forward from the day I flew in. ( This doesnt bother me as I had the same  happen last Dec when I returned from vacation )


Anyway , Im convinced this whole thing is not really about knowing where the alien is.

I only yesterday told them where my ( rental ) home was , and this was always ( once ) enough...


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