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‘Better if you do’: Phuket Immigration chief urges foreigners to re-register addresses, even if staying off-island just one night


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CM has never made anyone report for trips from within Thailand unless it is their very unlucky day, although a few have misinterpreted it...100 times more say not necessary.  I have been avoiding Pirate Island for years.  Thai beaches are tourist traps.

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Whoever hired local staff with an application form will know, that most Thais do NOT live at their registered address and that explains, why the form reads "registered address" and, a line further down "present address".

Do these clowns seriously think that this will go down well? Those who travelled in Vietnam just after the war ended in 1975, in the early 90s in Laos or today in North Korea will confirm, that not even their complicated communist "people surveillance" ideas survived. 

I just hope for Thailand that a lot of those foreigners move elsewhere until the chosen people of Siam will realize how arrogant, self-centered and idiotic certain stuff is. A clear confirmation of their inferiority complex nicely covered in absolutely idiotic procedures for no reason apart from hiring countless braindead extra civil servants..... Pathetic! 

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What documents will I need to re-re-re-re-register?? Would I have to bring along the rental agreement and the owners copy of ID and copy of passport and copy of visa and copy of TM6 and copy of entry stamp??? Please, please Immigration Officers ..... make it a little easier on us!! All of this hassle for staying away for just one night is shooting way above the target!!

Here is a video from Thai Immigrations. It sounds so simple, I just went through this "procedure" last week at Phuket Immigration. They wanted copies of all of the above.

Somehow I have the feeling, that no-one really knows what they're doing. 


Here is the link to the video:


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3 hours ago, thaibeachlovers said:

No, this is the law. Always has been for many years. If you disagree with the law write to your MP to get it changed.

For that reason when I stayed in an hotel with my wife she had to register at reception so I didn't have to go to immigration every time we returned home.

So you broke the law? 

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5 hours ago, Baerboxer said:


If you have a home here, but then stay in a hotel/GH somewhere else in Thailand you will be registered at the new address. 

When you get back home, how will they know you are there, unless you go and register again?


They could make that assumption but would have no way of knowing for sure if they did.


So it's more convenient for them to insist you, as the foreign alien, comply with the law. That way the know for sure and you save a fine.

Chip everyone and then give em a nose ring to boot. Democracy is surely dead here, and freedom means nothing. They need to go suck an egg. 

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7 hours ago, Thaiwrath said:

Overkill !

I have no objections to reporting every 90 days, but what they are asking for here is absolutely pathetic.

Surely, when you go to stay in a hotel for a few nights, it should not be too difficult to tell them you are already on the register, at a more permanent address, and the two can be matched up ?

But, then, This Is Thailand ! 

Sounds like a lot of people will stay at home while the missus registers at hotels in various places throughout Thailand ;-)

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53 minutes ago, jojothai said:

More of a question

What happens with short time hotels. Do they have to report a foreigner staying?

oops, did not think of that, the little missus should register with her other ID card or what . . . 555 . . .
re-register next day and explain the big missus why I have to go re-register at least once a week looks kind of complicated 

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If the intention of this recent more strict application of the law is to keep a record of the wherebouts of foreigners, then an online system would be far more beneficial, cost-efficient, and likely to be more accurate.


However, if the intention is to catch and fine transgressors, then making things more difficult and confusing will keep the money rolling in.

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6 hours ago, PattayaAngel said:

I always resister with my Thai driving license therefore I have not left my permanent residence.

It's accepted everywhere. You can fly with just a driver's license in LOS. 


PA, you nailed it

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I just did a 90 day report yesterday at Phuket Town.

This was 90 days after flying in from O/S , and  as directed by Phuket Airport Immigration on arrival.

First I waited in line for 30 minutes.

The Thai girl told me when I got to her desk that 90 day reporters didnt need any  of the photocopies I had  , not that the photocopy girls mentioned that. Nor did I need to line up !

A sign  outside  stating this  would have been useful...


So there are two officials sitting at the allocated "90 day " desks awaiting customers.

One approves my attendance and prints a new report slip.

No mention is made that I have been out of Thailand for 14 days,  as my passport clearly shows ,  and didnt report I was back  within 24 hours of  arrival .


But had I gone to Patong Imm. , I am assured I would have been fined.

My neighbour was fined at Patong for  doing exactly what I did , about a month back.

Go to PT - even if it is a much longer drive.

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