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SURVEY: Do you want Trump to finish his first term?


SURVEY: Do you WANT Trump to finish his first term?  

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Do you want Trump to finish his first term?


Please feel free to leave a comment, but keep in mind that deliberate misspellings of politicians' names, political parties, or political leanings will result in your post being removed and a possible suspension.   Feel free to site sources for your reasoning.  


For reference purposes, the previous thread was here:


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Do I want a completely unqualified, clueless, erratic, self-absorbed buffoon to have the power to launch nuclear weapons?  No, I want him removed from office as soon as possible.


Cue the "But, but, but....the stock market!" replies.

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3 minutes ago, The Old Bull said:

The problem is if you get rid of Trump you get a religious nutter for president.

Yes, that is a problem but aside from his religious fanaticism, he appears grounded in basic sanity. Better him with the authority to launch nukes than unhinged trump. Also, I can't see Pence being elected in 2020. He has no charisma at all, he wasn't even going to win a new term in Indiana. I don't think people really will want to look at such a stiff straight Anderson Cooper for very long. 

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While this thread asks whether you WANT trump to finish his first term or not, for discussion purposes here are ways that any president might not finish a term:


-- Impeachment by congress and then conviction by the senate


-- Resignation due to political pressure/ legal problems / scandal, etc. 


-- Resignation for actual serious health problems (other than an excuse for the real reasons)


-- Natural death in office


-- Assassination

It's important to note that IMPEACHMENT only will not remove him. It might lead to resignation, but to be forced out by impeachment, the senate must convict.

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I hear that people do not want Pence to take over if Trump were to leave, but I say let Trump finish.


The reason that I want Trump to finish is that I think he will do so much damage to the Republican party brand that they will not be able to be elected again for a very, very long time. Think of it; now the Republican party is one where 'Pussy-grabbing' is okay, where it is okay to harass and abuse women (17 at last count), it is okay to demonize people based on the colour of their skin, it is okay to discriminate against people based on their religion, it is okay to violate every political norm out there, it is okay to lie several times a day, it is okay to screw over the people who voted for you, Etc. Etc. Etc.


The above is what Trump supporters have allowed.


Let all Republicans everywhere have Trump's name tattooed on their forehead for life! 


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Absolutely YES and a second term, if not President Trump then VP Pence for the second term.


The economy is doing well and Supreme Court choices to date are making America great again.


The dems with their rotten to the core candidates don’t have a chance and their PC crap is out of fade.

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6 minutes ago, dick dasterdly said:

As long as he doesn't start more wars/encourage financial practices that 'domino' into other countries etc. - I don't care either way.

If you look at his policies regarding Iran, Pakistan, Israel, Israel, Turkey, and North Korea, any assumption that he won't start more wars is optimistic.


The regulation slashing he boasts about include regulations put in place to prevent another financial meltdown, along with regulations to prevent another oil spill like the Deepwater Horizon, and regulations protecting air and water quality.

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