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Can a massage gal (44) make a good partner?

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1 hour ago, Russell17au said:

Yes. It is obvious which salons are genuine and which are "dodgy" and people should take the same approach as you do but many farang do not take that approach and they prefer to brand people.

I arrived at the salon one evening to pick up my wife only to see the four girls throwing out this drunken Brit. They threw him down the three steps that were out the front and the woman that owns the salon threw his clothes out after him, my wife told me he tried to grab one of the girls sexually and she called the other girls, he was picked up by the police because the owner rang them and he was charged after they took him to hospital for treatment to his face, arms and stomach from the gravel rash.


Doubt this story.


sounds more like a b grade movie scene than reality.

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I hope by now the OP has the answer to his query.  A number of posts that were discussing the prostitution side of massages have been removed.  Inflammatory posts and replies have been removed.  Posts containing comments on moderation have been removed as well as the replies.  


This topic is now closed. 

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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