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Pedal Pushers: German siblings cycling the world just arrived in Thailand

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5 hours ago, Just Weird said:

"no context to the statement".

Bags of context......"

okay, sure.  i had read " made a stop in Yala province to rest, had a meal amid police security, and visited a bike shop "


having cycled thru there myself, i did notice the heavy security through

the market areas.  i assumed they were soldiers, although they could

just as easily have been heavily armed police.


cycling long distance, most of the day is spent in the countryside, only

stopping in towns for lunch or for overnight accommodations.  in town

and having a meal in the market "amid heavy police security" in an area

prone to insurgent bombings is something one would remark on.


i did not understand the article quote to imply that the siblings had been

issued a private security detail by the local police commander, therefore

i saw no reason to complain that "public money" had been spent for the

benefit of a couple cyclists.



Picture 103.jpg

Picture 100.jpg

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5 hours ago, Donotdisturb said:

It's often due to low selfesteem and a failed life. Let's give the man a hug while he cries on our shoulder. ?❣?

you are amusing,  I appreciate the hug. 

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Now to the drivers  ALL.. Let's not this the final stop...  Bike Awareness.. for all.

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On 2/9/2018 at 10:34 PM, ChouDoufu said:

iding in the countryside is quite different.  safe and

pleasant if you plan your route properly, and of course

ride defensively.

Nothing will save you when a truck lose control and hit you from behind. Consider yourself lucky so far. 


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