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Prison wardens dismissed for rape, drugs and smuggling


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8 hours ago, webfact said:

He added that the department would punish wrongdoers to boost the public’s confidence in the department and its officials.

Yer... right.... and yet no one seems to have been charged with anything and thrown in jail


are the public really this stupid?

or is it the department that’s stupid?

or is stupidity a much larger problem?

or is it just me that’s stupid?


once the NACC has finished white washing prawit, they can ratify this insult to the people, as well.

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1 hour ago, DefaultName said:

211 out of...?

if there are only 500 of them it's a lot, if there are 50,000, not so much.  OK, there shouldn't be any, but perspective is needed.

There are only 144 prisons so I doubt there would be tens of thousands of wardens :coffee1:

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I always maintend that many prison's guards all over the world are sometimes
worse than the inmates they suppose to guard...

As you said, this sh1t is going in prisons all over the world, maybe at bit more in South-America, Asia and Africa.

But i am not so sure whether corrupt wardens are worse than e.g. the reign of terror in US prisons by likes of the aryian brotherhood or MS-13.

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2 minutes ago, ALLSEEINGEYE said:

So to all of you posters that say the Junta has done nothing to fight corruption or has only gone after those that are opposing him, here is yet another example that you are full of BS.

How do you know that this has anything to do with the junta?

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17 hours ago, Happyman58 said:

I agree I use to rent a room in Australia from a lady prison Warden She was dismissed last year from the service for having regular sex with 8 inmates. Mind you she was fat and ugly Only chance she got i suppose. They prob told her she was beautiful and open came the legs. Come in boys i love you

I use a couple of glasses of good wine, there good leg openers

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