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Australian man killed in brutal Pattaya bar fight identified, American attacker in custody

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18 minutes ago, hansnl said:

Whatever the US laws may say, this yank killed an Australian on Thai soil.

Hope he will rot in prison in Thailand and then burn in hell.

Kicking a man's head when he is do3wn is the most despicable act imaginable.

His bloody US friends should get a long time in prison also, for not stopping the idiot, for not helping the victim, leaving him and for making pictures.

Bastards of the lowest order, all of them.

Absolutely really they are all just equally guilty 

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<deleted>?  What kind of animal does this to someone.  RIP to the Aussie.

Maybe the  Scheiss-Ami spent a few days watching how the punk soi-dogs do it in Thailand

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