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Jardines Cycle and Carriage launch DRVR Fleet Intelligence platform in Myanmar


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Jardines Cycle and Carriage launch DRVR Fleet Intelligence platform in Myanmar




Great news for Fleet Operators across Myanmar. Cycle and Carriage Myanmar has launched a range of new vehicles into the market from Mercedes Benz and Fuso. All of these vehicles will be fitted with a state of the art Telematics platform from DRVR.


Customers will benefit by being able to access a dashboard which shows critical information such as real time location, speed driver behaviour and vehicle information.


Fleet owners will have access to a portal, they will shortly be able to manage their fleet on the go using the new smartphone app.


DRVR allows Cycle and Carriage Dealers to have a continued relationship with the vehicle owner and help them deliver training and support to the vehicle owners.


David Henderson, Co-founder and CEO, DRVR said: “Our partnership with Cycle and Carriage will help deliver the latest technology to the vehicle owners of Myanmar. Our software is developed locally in Myanmar and Thailand. We have build state of the art technology using artificial intelligence and machine learning.”


Jardines Cycle and Carriage is has a reputation for Quality and Service “By working with DRVR we can stay connected to our customer and gain access to the latest technology” said Regional Manager Adrian Short DRVR and Jardines are currently in discussions about expanding the service into other markets across ASEAN and further afield. DRVR CEO added “Myanmar is an ideal market to launch cutting edge products.


There is no legacy tech and people are hungry for new ideas and ways to do things. We’ve built the most advanced Telematics solution in the world right here.

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