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BANGKOK 21 January 2019 10:06

Iphone 6S UK IMEI 02 - unlock how

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Got this iphone 6s for my Mrs from uk.


Need to get it unlocked. We live in khon kaen.


I checked online and found 1 shop but they seem sketchy and I don't fancy them.


I also checked online and found this service which sounds too good to be true. You report the Imei number,  pay £20 amd they report the imei to apple I think, who unlock it for use with all carriers.


We also checked a few phone market type places and 3 so far have quoted between 2-4000 and 2-4 days to sort it. Had it been a case of 3 hours and 2k I'd have gone for it but it just seemed like these guys maybe knew someone who knew someone and we're buying time and charging double maybe?


My questions:


Going rate to get this done in person at a shop?

Time it takes to do it?


Anyone ever used this online unlock service of any description or is that just a scam?







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IMEI unlocking certainly exists, 2 to 4 days is a usual time, for the UK £20 is not high. There are quite a few websites that offer this service. Caveat emptor.

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