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You know you've been in Thailand too long when...........

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On 3/14/2018 at 8:20 PM, PatOngo said:

I asked it! :wacko:

I can't be bothered with the whole joke, but anyway eventually, the farmer says, "I can't go through with the deal; it's all a fraud.  The dog can't sing.  The horse is a ventriloquist"

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When you actually eat more farang food than Thai food because you've realised that no matter how good the Som Tum is it's not worth spending an hour on the toilet crapping out your insides every time.

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When you see a film of a motor accident on the news and use the last 3 digits  of the number plate to play the underground  lottery .


Or, Your make a cup of coffee and only fill the cup half full . 

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