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PM Prayut urges all parties concerned to help solve prostitution problem


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You can now see why nearly all farang bars, street bars, discos, etc,etc in Sukhumvit have been destroyed right from Soi 7 up to Onnut for no good reason other than some cracker jacks racist fears, putting hundreds of Thai people out of work and making the place thoroughly miserable.  After reading this latest madness from the powers that be, i think we can all see where this is going....... even Thai people have had enough......

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6 hours ago, poanoi said:

no, the vast majority of sex trade is domestic, i.e the punters are mostly thai men.


i think the reason sex trade is so large in thailand vs west is there is little to no stigma around it,

in contrast to west. thais are far too rational and greedy to sit on high horses

and refuse having anything to do with sex trade.

I read somewhere that it is reckoned two out of three Thai men use prostitution of some kind. I really

believe that as it is as hard to find a handsome Thai guy as it is to find an unattractive Thai girl.

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Given that Prayut can't seem to clean his own house, the moralizing comes off as rather disingenuous. 

Like the Prawit case, well have to 'watch' to see what happens.

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6 hours ago, ezzra said:

Prostitutions has been with mankind since the biblical times, there's not a country in the world that

doesn't have prostitution in one form or another and here come our esteemed leader and want to

change the world, prostitution has a place in modern society whether we like or not and the PM

will do well to target more realistic and attainable goals....

Agreed, what people do with their bodies is their own business, as long as everyone taking part in prostitution is agreeable, no one is getting hurt, and no underage sex is involved.

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8 hours ago, Chang_paarp said:

Stop seeing it as a problem and the issue will go away. Most of the population does not see it as a problem.

..indirectly the proceeds support a lot of families...and with no welfare system for the under 60s, who can blame them.

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51 minutes ago, natway09 said:

Did he say prostitution or pollution.?

Sir, the place is an oversized rubbish dump, it is the main reason people come to see even if they do not partake

What ? You want them to come to see dirty beaches, taxis & touts that rip everybody off, police  & officials who are only concerned abut their back pocket & good chance injured, maimed or killed on the roads because Thais refuse to accept that rules & regulations apply the them along with absolutely no

policing on the roads (I have just last week driven over 1, 400 km on country roads & have needed to take evasive action to avert nasty avoidable accidents with police literally looking the other way on far too many occasions.

The working girls make 2/5 times what can be earned in a factory & as the country has failed them 

in so many ways  including the education system ( I have 3 girls working for me that cannot even read 

& write) but they can send home twice the average salary to Isaan  every month to take care of their families, who would not literally starve but would live a miserable life without these monies.

I cannot see the Government of the day ever helping so they help themselves.

Please take off your rose coloured glasses & understand a bit more about your own countries mechanics

not just the privileged classes before opening your big trap



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I can't see prostitution as a problem. As I see it, Thailand has acquired a reputation as a country for sex for good reasons.


1/ Compared to many other countries, sex is cheap here.

2/ Thai women can do a lot better financially in the sex trade than in "respectable" jobs.

3/ There is no stigma attached to working as a bar girl, masseuse or whatever.

4/  Thai women for the most part are considerably more attractive in terms of body shape and femininity.     

5/  Thai women enjoy sex. At least, most of the ones I have met do. It's irrelevant whether the sex is paid for or not.

6/   Thai women are uninhibited behind closed doors. It's different in public.


Leave it alone, PM Prayut. You just don't see it's not a problem, but an opportunity for many.

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From my vantage point behind the lines, I notice motivated girls/women are not working the bars, but instead utilizing the Internet to meet foreigners, and shortly thereafter they are getting flown out to first world countries and doing better than trying to achieve success in crrupt Thailand.

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1 hour ago, steve2112 said:

Perhaps he's thinking there is another reason to come to Thailand.

I came for the food and the temples! :smile:...........oh!.........and the smiles.

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