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PM Prayut urges all parties concerned to help solve prostitution problem


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25 minutes ago, George FmplesdaCosteedback said:

Prostitution is here to stay, the low wages etc make for willing employees.

The rich and the authorities exploit the situation and take a big cut of the income. The 300m baht loan by Victoria's Secret massage parlour to an ex-police chief says it all

Without reform of the police and a determined effort to end corruption elsewhere the situation cannot change.

The question is: who can actually end corruption?



Nobody. Because what the 'character' in the op is actually alluding to is the army taking over police control of prostitution. They took over the local government in Pattaya quite a while ago, but have not moved at all to close prostitution down. They are merely consolidating for their takeover of said business and all the other lucrative rackets.

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