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PM Prayut urges all parties concerned to help solve prostitution problem


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A can of worms.


It's an endemic problem or issue.


The chinese brought the tea-houses hear many many moons ago and it's grown since then.


Thai people like sex. They are less inhibited than westerners when it comes to sex and it's part of the culture.


Take away all the foreigners and the Thais will still have the same attitude to sex.


The whole issue to do with giks etc, is a perfect example.


It's got nothing to do with foreigners, and whilst it's not prostitution per se - it reveals a certain attitude toward sex.


That's one perspective.


The other issue is an economic one.


For many girls it's a career choice. For some -= because of the sever lack of education, they use what they have to get cash.


there are so many many problems that Thailand has that have absolutely nothing to do with foreigners, that until Thailand sorts itself out, these issues will not go away.


Thailand will NEVER EVER change because it's made up of Thais.


You can't change a nations mindset.


the other simple issue is that Thai people are quite attractive.


Especially compared to the average Brit.


Most men from every corner of the globe, would be very happy to stick it in a half -decent looking Thai, because the half decent looking Thai looks way better than the half decent looking westerner.


Anyway - jesting aside.


Thailand needs to sort out its education issues.


They need to increase the daily wage.


The other issue is to do with regulating prostitution.


Simply put - nothing is going to change ever, because there probably MILLIONS of young ladies who are willing to put out for a few bob.


Thailand is beyond redemption when it comes to sex.





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32 minutes ago, soalbundy said:

only been there once, an unfriendly money grabbing bunch there. The best night life and the friendliest I found was Chiang Mai

I'm guessing that was some time ago? I moved out of Chiang Mai a year ago having had a year there, at that time there wasn't a nightlife worthy of mention.  A few half decent Thai style restaurant bars, a couple of craft beer bars but plenty of Thai targeted 'hostess' bars (where folks pay to sit and drink with the pretties then go home), all of which had to close by 12 midnight.

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This man's buffoonery has no end.  You notice he said foreign.  Are foreigners also denied other things Thais enjoy like Pad Thai and Som Tam?


Had dinner on night with a well educated, beautiful Thai woman years ago.  She playfully asked me what I thought of prostitution.  Before I could answer, she said her brother would pay for it from time to time.  She condoned it. 


Again, taking the hi-so Thai side to every argument without fail.  The man numbs the mind. 

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How ignorant can this guy get?  Hey Mr. Prayut,,,,,, This is what made your country what it is today! Take it away and you'll be full of Chinese and Russians. Is that what you want?  555555555  Get real!!!  BTW... Absolutely no one cares or even heard what that African guy said, and that's a fact jack!

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thailand has HUGE  potential to attract tourists for the beaches, nice year round climate, friendly people and cheap cost of living..other than sex tourism. but.. FIRST they need to clean up the rubbish, corrupt taxi drivers and police..

if this is done, tourists would have other reasons for visiting thailand, attracting a "better" class of tourist...

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The larger number of prostitutes service Thais last time I looked into the sociology literature (2006).

Corruption needs to be tackled first and government must stop the banks and Mafias (including cops) from burdening the common folks who need decent wages and less usury.


My wife has several friends leading professional lives with good wages and life styles. However, the poor can only rise through questionable means. Those she knows that have done so, have always risen from the ranks of bar girls who do their best to keep the family from knowing the truth. Many have married farangs (Western, Malay, Japanese, Korean and Chinese) -- few are happy, but the majority remain content knowing they have served their family's needs as best they can.


This is not going to be solved anytime soon . . .

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3 hours ago, Chang_paarp said:

Stop seeing it as a problem and the issue will go away. Most of the population does not see it as a problem.

Sex is not the problem, the Western sex = sin formula is. Sex is part of life, and it is good for your health. Most Westerners are actually sexually crippled.

May I suggest to redefine "prostitution" as paramedics wellness services ("sexual healing") and legalize it. 

Westerners might call it exploitation, and they are right. All paid labour is exploitation in a way. So what?


Thailand does not have to bend down to Western puritanistic morales, not at all. 

Those Western morales are quite dubious anyway. There are more prostitutes per capita in Germany than there are in Thailand, just for example.


Sex tourists should be aware that probably all bar girls prefer young men to old farangs, and that they are only buying wellness services. They should also be aware that it is mostly young mothers in the sex sector, so they are actually supporting their children. Call it hidden welfare if you want. Many poorer Thai families rely on that, and many happy Thai-Western relationships in fact started in a bar. Thailand does not have to be ashamed of this. 

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Open up transport links to the poor provinces and encourage local and foreign investment in commercial enterprises, including value-added rather than subsistence agriculture, and there will be no need for Thai girls to travel to Pattaya to make a living and support their families.


Police can then concentrate, rather than on counting the money, on enforcing the law in respect of customers, who should be prosecuted, and offering welfare assistance to the remaining girls, most of whom would be  trafficked from other countries, to control the problem. Or simply legalise and control the prostitution to give a fairer income to the girls.


Cleaning up the cesspool of Pattaya and similar resorts would then encourage family tourism which would more than compensate for that lost from reducing sex tourism.


But while there is such involvement of law enforcement and the military in running the sex trade, I don't foresee much hope of this dream being realised.





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4 hours ago, webfact said:

so that Thailand will not be seen as a sex destination by foreign tourists

It will take years, maybe even a whole generation, before that image changes. 


If these prostitutes stopped/had to stop working the bars, streets, etc., what other way could they earn money? Many of them don't have qualifications worth talking about or took up whoring because they could make more money than a regular job pays. 


Sad, but true. 

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Once again, the little man avoids the heart of the issue. It is his M.O. Dancing around an issue, and never, ever coming up with a real solution. Why is there prostitution in the first place? How do you get the women into a position where prostitution is not necessary?


Sorry little man. But, the only way to move the country away from prostitution is to get those very people who's fortunes you have been sworn to protect, to pay higher living wages. Convince them to part with a small portion of their fortunes. Unless and until the standard of living here rises to the point to where women can make a real living, this will continue. 350 baht a day for working as a cashier, standing on your feet for 8 hours, vs. doing one special massage for 1,000 baht? Graduating with a college degree, and alot of debt, after 4 years, and making 5,000 baht a month more than those without one? Come on. Who are you kidding? 

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3 hours ago, poanoi said:

no, the vast majority of sex trade is domestic, i.e the punters are mostly thai men.


i think the reason sex trade is so large in thailand vs west is there is little to no stigma around it,

in contrast to west. thais are far too rational and greedy to sit on high horses

and refuse having anything to do with sex trade.

I'd  have to disagree on the "rational" part in relation to Thais:crazy:

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it is what it is, many people especially those in the tourism trade, seek to augment their meagre incomes ( Thai staff paid by Thais ) by resorting to offering sexual services, one could say if they were paid more by employers, they would not resort to selling their bodies, unfortunately even resorts I know offer underage girls to local customers ( mainly Thai ). 

Part of the problem is Thai Culture women are treated by many as SECOND class citizens and many females expect nothing more. 

Like many foreigners, I recognise the offerings but tend not to indulge, and I steer clear of the sin cites of Pattaya and Phuket, visited once never again. 


It is a sad state oif affairs , but like in days of yore,  60's to 80's when conflicts were waged in Indo-China, Thailand beach cities were magnets for servicemen seeking ease their desires , including Malaysia , Phillipines and Singapore, so it is to be expected that it will continue ,and I know many Thais that enjoy the pleasures as well, although to be fair they pay considerably less than most foreigners who are just visiting . 

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Unemployment (already a problem) would skyrocket, in a country with little economic opportunity... and all the "authorities responsible" would not be able to afford the "nice things" he talks about... This is a politician making a comment in reaction to another  politician. One where there is no will (or interest) for change. Can't stop the oldest profession. Better yet, figure a way to make it work more effectively for the people (girls) who work in the trade. Now I'm dreaming 555

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