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PM Prayut urges all parties concerned to help solve prostitution problem


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23 minutes ago, micmichd said:

So what?

Farangs come to Thailand once a year, pick a young Thai lady, promise her a rose garden, and then expect the young lady to stay away from sex with others and wait - maybe forever.

Did you do that when you were young?


A Thai lady is free ( that's what "Thai" means), she's not anyone's property, especially not the property of an old Farang butterfly. 

If you have the money, then please hand it over. If you can't afford a relationship with a Thai lady (and her family), then you better stay away. 

I am still young (sort of, mid 30s), and the last thing I'd do is find the love of my life in a bar (with the staff). The lower the quality, the more financially oriented it becomes.


When you say "please hand the money" you kind of sound like them :) Kind of, because they don't say please. :)

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6 hours ago, AsianAtHeart said:

So called?  What would you call morals?  Is there such a thing? 


To forget one's morals is to contribute to the decadence of society.  More importantly, it is to be willfully ignorant of one's eternal interests--to sacrifice one's hope of eternal existence for a few very short moments of pleasure.  I say it's not worth it.  The eternal prize is worth risking everything for, and giving up everything in the effort, as an olympian does in seeking the gold medal.


And that statement right there alludes to the solution.  I think, as unpopular as their efforts have been portrayed, the attempts by the Shinawatras to strengthen the economy among the poorer classes were as much effective toward alleviating the core basis for prostitution as any.  Very few women desire such an ignominious and disagreeable "job."  Providing them better means of supporting themselves and their families would be the most efficient method of elevating the country out of its shame.


So can you provide any facts that support the decline in prostitutes and the sex trade under the various Shin governments?

Or did that business flourish, providing they paid their "tributes"?


As for morals - what a load of cobblers. Prostitution is known as the world's oldest profession for a reason. Of course you could go back to the high hypocrisy of the 19th Century West where everyone pretended it didn't exist. Or you could adopt an intelligent approach like the Netherlands and Germany and legalize it. 


As for religion - I've lived in so called Christian countries, secular states, Muslim and Buddhist countries. And guess what, all had sex industries. Not to mention the high hypocrisy and sexual criminality of the Catholic Church. 


Thailand gets an unfair reputation. Many countries are the same, have bars and red light districts. India has a massive prostitution problem, riddled with HIV, trafficking and underage abuse. Last time I was in a bar in Guangdon you couldn't move for South American and East European whores who outnumbered the local workers. Philippines is packed with <deleted>, good Catholic girls, who like their scams too. Thailand has become the nudge nudge wink wink brigades focus of sex tourism whilst the same lot want to pretend their country isn't as bad if not worse.


Fighting poverty, increasing education and developing socially aware societies is key to providing more economic choices for the people drawn into the sex trade by financial pressure. But it won't disappear and regulating it provides a much better environment for the oldest profession to perform in.

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It will never be ended but it could be controlled.  Bangkok is more or less controlled in which certain areas are available to foreigners for their 'entertainment'.  It is less obvious on the streets and much of the night 'trade' has been moved off Sukhumvit to the side streets.


Pattaya is very uncontrolled and in your face.  The trade needs to be controlled so both mongers and families can enjoy a trip there (not to mentioning cleaning up the beach and sea).

Places like Walking Street and Soi 6 and 8 need to have a viable police presence and a sign placed at the end of the Soi indicating one is entering an 'entertainment zone so families can avoid the scene.


Control would bring more families into these places and provide more opportunities for employment in more stable occupations for ladies or near ladies. In addition- the police would be in a better position to respond to bar fights; overcharging; theft etc. if they limited any expansion to defined areas .


IMHO the General was mostly upset over the fact that Thailand and prostitution was mentioned in the same breath by a government official of another country causing Thailand to allegedly 'lose face'. 

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Instead, he said authorities responsible for prostitution problem must strictly enforce the law and, at the same time, all parties concerned, especially those in the tourism sector must try to change the image of Pattaya into a destination of quality tourism and not as a sex destination.



        How good is Prayuth in maths? How long would it take for him to figure out that Thailand would be similar to Burma without prostitution? 


     That's not just naive. You can't make up such insanity, can you?

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5 hours ago, Chang_paarp said:

Stop seeing it as a problem and the issue will go away. Most of the population does not see it as a problem.

Done the right way , There's a lot of money to be made from this, regulate and get rid of the fringe money dwellers

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Many people go to Thailand for other reasons: great food, great weather, friendly people in general, learning a new culture, more affordable prices, less of a nanny state than most European countries. Pattaya does have that reputation and some dreary people who usually have never been to Thailand cast the whole country like that! Yawn

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5 hours ago, Somtamnication said:

LOL. More than 40% of the GDP and he wants to shut it down? Reminds me of a Supertramp song "dreamer, nothing but a dreamer"......

Which part of thin air did you pull this figure from? It's not even half that

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5 minutes ago, oyster said:

Pattaya was created as an r&r zone for the US during the Nam offensive. When the war stopped Pattaya started.

Pattaya was not "created as an r&r zone for the US". The overwhelming majority of US military that came to Thailand for R&R during the American War never left Bangkok.


I think the Germans can lay claim to 'discovering' Pattaya before anyone's war was over.



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