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china visa from consulate in khon kaen?

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i need a tourist visa for china. i'm a uk citizen  living in ubon. i phoned the consulate in khon kaen, but they told me that only thai citizens can apply there, and that i must go to bangkok to arrange it. however i seem to remember a post some time ago where somebody managed to get their visa in KK

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I reckon it depends on what kind of visa you have for your stay in Thailand. If you are on a Non-immigrant Thai visa, that should suffice as proof of your current residence in Thailand and you should be able to apply in Khon Kaen. If you are on a 30 day waiver or a tourist visa, then in all likelihood you'll need to apply at the Visa for China place in Bangkok. Note that the Chinese visa place is a different place altogether than the Chinese embassy - you can even try their website, which should tell exactly where to go : www.visaforchina.org


I know of one person,  a US national,  who secured a China 'Z' visa at KK, that is the one you need for employment, at Khon Kaen; he had to produce his Non-Imm B visa and provide a copy of his work permit in order to get the visa.  In the great scheme of things getting a tourist visa for China should be relatively easy provided you have someone inviting you - either a Chinese citizen or a foreigner with a residence permit. 


If your paperwork is in order I would simply go into KK and try to apply there but Would check the webpage above before just to make sure.

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Update .....   i visited the Chinese consulate in Khonkaen  on 8th March.  i was  clearly yold that they do not issue visas to non Thai citizens.. When i mentioned foreigners with non immigrant visas that had managed to get their visa there, they told me that it had  indeed been the case  but , they say, last month this new policy was introduced. A bit frustrating. However if you live in the KK area it may well be worth your while using them to check your credentials before going to Bangkok. I would advise phoning beforehand, as they seem to have  a habit of closing on certain days for meetings etc

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