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Working in Yangoon

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I worked in Yangon in 2012/13, then Mandalay, now Naypyidaw.

Where do you work now? What job would you be doing in Yangon? How old are your children?

Yangon has developed at a fast pace over the last few years, with many new restaurants and shops that cater to both locals and expats. But the city's infrastructure hasn't kept pace. The traffic is very bad (because many local people can now afford to buy cars).

Oh, motorcycles are not allowed in central Yangon.

The healthcare situation is not good - you would have to be airlifted to Bangkok if a sudden illness or serious accident occurred.

Internet access has improved a lot over the years, and can now be confidently described as 'slow and unreliable', as opposed to 'diabolical and unusable'.

The city is maybe one of the safest cities in Asia to live in, with friendly and helpful locals.

But I would hazard a guess that most expats with families would not place Yangon at (or near) the top of their list of preferred locations to live and work :)

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I work in Dubai, not sure of the exact role yet, finance of some sort perhaps in banking.


Boys are 11, 5 and 1. I like Asia and the vibe but am not overkeen on HK or Singapore. Chins could be a possibility.  Happy with quite simple lifestyle. Friendly and helpful appeals. Don't like the daily rate race much such as HK, BKK, London, etc hence the appeal of somewhere a bit different. 

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hence the appeal of somewhere a bit different.

Well, I think you'll find Yangon very different when compared to Dubai, HK and Singapore :)

There is a choice of a 'real' international schools and decent private schools in Yangon. Just be sure that you live close to the school and your workplace, since commuting in Yangon is no fun. (It will no doubt improve within the next 30 years if Skytrain/Underground/elevated motorways are built).
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Old topic, but any update from the OP?

Yangon in my opinion is an excellent place to work with a family based here also

As Simon43 said, good international schools


For the OP - relaxed lifestyle, plenty of expat networking and family-oriented events and get togethers
Traffic can be a pain but manageable around certain hours.  Grab taxi system is now more than a year running here and excellent in my opinion


Yangon is a friendly and helpful city to live as a foreigner.  You will never get stuck or lost, there will always be a friendly smile and willingness to help.


Healthcare has improved a lot, and even the major international hospitals from Bangkok have a clinic or hospital here now, or an associated/managed one.  Plenty of good private clinics now for expats also


I've been here mostly for the last 19 years. Send PM if you want

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