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BANGKOK 19 February 2019 12:47

Dual pricing. Fair or price gouging?

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Dual pricing. Fair or price gouging?

People have their say about the dual pricing issue in Thailand

By Tanutam Thawan



Photo TIT – This Is Thailand Facebook page


Thailand’s dual pricing policy continues with, it seems, a completely random application of the system. In some places flashing your Work Permit might get you an exemption so you can pay local price but there is no consistency.


What are your experiences with dual pricing? Do you think it’s fair? If we’re receiving the same service, shouldn’t the price be the same? Here are some reactions from the Phuket Gazette Facebook page.


“It’s about 4 pound why moan your in a beautiful place yes it different price for Thai but when our wage is £100+a day and a Thai wage is 400 baht a day can you see why price different” Dean


Full story: https://www.phuketgazette.net/news/dual-pricing-fair-or-price-gouging

-- © Copyright Phuket Gazette 2018-03-19
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Have been apprised that the Bangkok Hospital has a triple pricing standard ;one for thais one for white skin farang and one for other Southeast Asians

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