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Chef's assistant shot dead in early morning street attack in Hua Hin


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Chef's assistant shot dead in early morning street attack in Hua Hin



Picture: Daily News


A 24 year old kitchen worker was shot dead in an apparent revenge attack in Hua Hin at 3am this morning.


Police found a large crowd had gathered near the end of Soi 41 on Petchkasem Road.


Kittichai "Nat" Bunrach lay dead near the central reservation. Riding pillion he had been killed with a shotgun and had wounds to his forehead, cheek and arm.


Friend Sarawut Srisagna, 22, said that he had been with the victim drinking with a total of five friends at the 19 Rai Queen's Park. They split up to go home with the victim travelling on the back of his Zoomer X motorcycle.


When they got to the area of the shooting four men drove up behind them on two bikes. One man shot at his friend knocking him off the bike and killing him instantly.


The men all fled.


Sarawut said that Kittichai had been having a feud with other people at the kitchen where he worked in Hua Hin. He was a chef's assistant.


There had been a fight earlier resulting in an injury and he suspected that the men had laid in wait for an opportunity to shoot his friend.


Police led by Pol Capt Jareuk Khonkarian are investigating.


Source: Daily News

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And all this in a country where you can't get a vet to euthanize a suffering animal, because it it is not in accordance with Buddhist beliefs....:coffee1:

The Thai version of Buddhism is indeed a very strange one.

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RIP to the victim and his family on such sad news


Rather scary however that things are being solved as such.


One could always get in the line of fire, if in the wrong place at the wrong time.


Of course, not for the many ex Spec Ops or other super heroes that infest all over, but worrying perhaps for the average commoners who are just here to enjoy and do not want any ego issues with others.



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There are two crimes here; the shooting and the failure to arrest. I don’t hold out much hope for justice. I am still waiting for a call back on my home burglary two years ago.

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