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BANGKOK 22 January 2019 04:43

Hi there

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Anyone know where the best place to find reasonable hiking boots in Bangkok

Usually buy Berghaus, but any reasonable make will do, cos the ones I'm wearing are falling apart now

Need western sizes though, have big plates of meat, so need size 12 uk or 13 us




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I can only guess but try the department store at Paragon, they do sell Columbia and North Face, the other place i would try is Central  Phloen Chit there sports section there carries a lot i have brought a Columbia pull over for a former TGF there, in my wanderings i have spotted what appears to be hiking type footwear but be warned in Thailand the main sports shoe they sell are running shoes and lifestyle which neither are really suitable for long walking or any type of activity, cross trainers are very rare indeed in Thailand and if you do find them then there limited in choice thats been my experience.

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Not sure if this is useful,


there used to be a big outdoor pursuits place at Amarin plaza,


I havn't been there for a while so not certain ts still going , but it seemed to have a great selection of gear

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Although you've got a couple of replies on here, you'd most likely get a lot more if you reposted with a brief summary of what you're asking in the thread title. People tend to scan the topics and if they see something they know the answer to they'll open the thread, so your question is going unnoticed by people who might might know where to point you. 

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thanks lamya13, and others

realised i had not put the thread correctly

But no worries

went to Terminal 21 and they have a lot of shoe sales on the lower ground floor

found a stall selling Merrell boots, so bought 2 pair to keep me going

, lots of choices and sizes, plus lots of various steel capped work boots

But thanks again to everyone 


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1 hour ago, Thainess said:

Never heard of Google? Learn to use it...

Thanks for the very slow and out of date response 

you never heard of reading the posts before opening mouth ?

found the stores, bought the items and re-posted to let other people know if they need them also

Google, what is that ??

is it something that tells me ALL the stores that sell boots, with all the makes, sizes and styles in stock ?

it didn't show the stalls in terminal 21 selling the boots !!

or is it better to ask people who actually know something about the shops, and who use them 

but never mind, I'm sure google is your best friend


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