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I am a British citizen....

I want to bring my Thai wife to the UK for 6 weeks to visit family and friends. We do not need a Settlement (Marriage) Visa as we have no intention of living in the UK.

I have my own comapny in the UK and I am sure I can satisfy the British Embassy in BKK on all financial and residential issues concerning my wife's visit.

Can my wife apply for a tourist or family visit visa or must we go the Settlement Visa route?

Thanks in advance for any advice you can give.

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I agree with pnustedt, tourist visa should be the best way to go. If things haven't changed much, the UK visa's multiple entry. Or click here for British Embassy, Bangkok.

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Be sure to check the Family Visit box rather than the visit box on the application form.

Family Visit visa can be appealed if it's refused so they'll only refuse if they're extremely suspicious of you. :o

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I am in a similar situation and am today filling in the forms for my wife to visit the UK for 3 weeks.

Although it doesn't ask for it, should I still include copies of all monthly bank transfers to the wife and visa stamps of visits together etc.?

We live together in bangkok and have condo rental agreement in joint names, should I attach that?

Just not sure how much I need to attach.

Also, when all the forms are complete, what is the procedure, I would like to go with her to start the ball rolling whist I am here (goign to work overseas soon).

Is it OK for us to take my passports with the application or do I need to leave copies with them?

Many Thanks


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