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On the Pattaya Forum a Posting By Tuklieth is drummimg up custom for "Daves Pub".

Is this allowed? If so does this mean that it is openhouse for all?

A few members on the Posting are Admin/Mods making the policing of the Forum biased, I have noticed that Davethailand for one is quite aggressive and threatening but nothing is done about it, is this the reason?


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Halo, you will notice that the post is actually about a few people getting together for a drink and a chat. If we cannot do that in an establishement where do you suggest we meet? Perhaps we can make a date and time and just hope we all end up running into each other?

Anyone wanna rock up for a beer?

I will be there early for a meeting with one of my mates from a previous job, but at perhaps 10pm I will be looking for a beer and a chat.

Anyone game?

The link is HERE.

If you did read the whole thread you will have noticed that I will be there for meeting with an old friend, and I just suggested if anyone wanted to go I would be glad to have a beer with them.

But thanks for pointing it out anyway, I bet Dave is quite pleased with the extra attention :o

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The local forums are now arranging several meetings in order to socialise. We encourage that in the local forum branches.

Regarding Dave: Don't be surprised if his venue will show up as a paid advertiser shortly.

Generally, advertisement or promotion of URLs is not allowed. If in doubt, please email sales@thaivisa.com


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