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BANGKOK 19 February 2019 16:03

Sites better than Skyscanner?

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19 minutes ago, Chivas said:

Well I'll stick to what I see myself using booking sites because I can guarantee there is not one single person on Thaivisa that has booked more London Bangkok returns period then me. None nada zilch at over 170 return tickets for myself. (we'll ignore the ones I've done for 3rd parties) Have never seen price changes happening purely by refreshing web pages. Yes you can see rises often later in the day as confirmed bookings come in and online agents adjust prices up accordingly but the following morning invariably they are back down again. Often the reason I book using uk online agents at 5-6am before any algorithms push prices up later in the day

No website changes it prices purely because you've viewed it 5 or 10 times. For the simple reason 99% of people would automatically go to a different supplier to check


We can agree to disagree on this one but am speaking from very hardline booking experience and not what I've read from others on the web or wherever

Absolutely @Chivas and your comments about the algorithms make sense to me too. The only area in which i'd like to correct you, if i may is that you refer to ".......changes happening purely by refreshing web pages." That in itself wouldn't remove/replace the cookies anyway - it's the act of completely clearing all client-side (session) cookies and local transaction records that effects the changes, IF and only IF the website is appropriately coded. As you say, we'll agree to differ but should you want to investigate further, I found that the Emirates website exhibited this behaviour as recently as January 2018.   Cheers.....

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Then click to check all other parties such as:






Should give you another set of results to compare with sky scanner.


Beware of Southall travel 

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I love SkyScanner for car rentals in the US, can generally get a great price that includes full coverage insurance.


I generally book flights and hotels direct with the airline/hotel but use Orbitz or something similar to shop. 

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