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BANGKOK 22 January 2019 05:16

Today's papers

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The Daily Mail seems to have it in for LoS.


Today's headline:-


"The chilling toll of young Britons killed in Thailand: Murders, rapes, and 60 unexplained deaths in just two years. Yet for loved ones, getting justice from uncaring, corrupt Thai police is almost impossible."


It then reports on a number of incidents and murders, all of youngsters,  in recent times.


When the Mail gets it's teeth into something it persists. This won't be the last anti-Thailand article.


The problem is that there is an element of truth to be gleaned even from such sensationalism, especially regards the police force.


The regulars, ex-pats and others in the know are in-tune with just how to behave in the country and with Thai people, many youngsters are not. Excessive drink, drugs, beach partying and cheap hostels do not help.


Thailand might seem to be third world lovely in many respects, but it still bruises easily and reacts accordingly.


It will surely do some damage to tourism but this is likely to be minimum and pales into insignificance when the increasing number of Chinese is taken into account.

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