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"Lady boy doctor" tells tourist: Come back when you're dying! Google the meaning of ER"


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"Lady boy doctor" tells tourist: Come back when you're dying! Google the meaning of ER"



video screenshot


A tourist who went to the ER department of Bang Lamung Hospital this morning was allegedly refused treatment and told to "come back when you're dying".


Furious girlfriend Pornthida Thundee, 25, from Surin, turned to reporters at PattayaupdateNews after she said that she took 28 year old Iranian tourist Mohammad Hassan Forghani to the emergency room.


He was suffering with an ear problem.


Pornthida said that they registered and waited for over an hour to see the doctor who then allegedly said:


"Is he dying?......this is ER unless he is dying don't bother coming".


Then sarcastically the doctor is alleged to have said that they should Google ER to find out what an emergency room is for.


Pornthida then claimed he was refused treatment though the hospital said he could come back later according to the news report. 


"Are these the ethics of a Thai doctor?," asked an agitated Pornthida who took her boyfriend to another hospital where he was seen.


The Iranian confirmed himself on video that he was asked to come back "after you die".


Though not mentioned in the news report Pornthida said in the video that the doctor at the center of the controversy was male and was a "katoey" or lady boy.


PattayupdateNews said that the doctor concerned had gone home and there was no one else available for comment to give the hospital's side of events.

-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2018-04-23
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Well, I would have to agree that ER is not for ear infections, that's what outpatients is for; and whether the doctor was a ladyboy or not is irrelevant, IMHO. Still, could have been a little more tactful; maybe he/she'd just come off some real emergency, when seeing some guy with a relatively petty problem could cause you to snap, I suppose.

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43 minutes ago, tingtongtourist said:

sounds fair to me

the doc probably seen enough carnage from road accidents  

who goes to ER with an ear ache?


I sort of agree but perhaps the doctor could have handled better 



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The headline is highly unfair and misleading.... 


The Dr. working the ER was right, an ear infection is not an Emergency Case - but the handling of the situation was clumsy in the extreme. 


IF at night time and there was no ENT outpatient treatment available then the patient at least needs pain relief.


IF in the daytime and ENT Doctors are on duty the patient can simply be re-routed to that department. It's not always clear where to go in the hospitals, especially for visitors. 

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Really? ER  personnel from around the world would probably applaud or smile or  say "right on". The hospital is a public hospital and its clientele are typically the poor and disadvantaged.  There was probably one overworked physician on staff and in walks the non emergency farang cheap charlie. If he wanted urgent care he should have gone to a proper hospital where there were multiple physicians available.


1 hour ago, smedly said:

I sort of agree but perhaps the doctor could have handled better 

Ahh, but here's the issue; the doctor should not have been presented with this case. In properly managed ERs there is a triage process, where the  patients are screened, usually by a nurse. True emergency cases get priority. Other cases, wait. This is a short staffed underfunded facility. It doesn't have the resources to dispense free medical care to foreigners.


47 minutes ago, theguyfromanotherforum said:

What is ER for than to treat ear? People and stupid doctor need to learn English. 

An ER is not intended to treat non critical care cases.


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