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YouTuber who posted about taxi driver goes to police after receiving "extortion" email


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YouTuber who posted about taxi driver goes to police after receiving "extortion" email



Pictures: Siamchon News


The Youtuber who made and posted a damning video of a taxi driver after a journey from Suvarnabhumi airport has gone to police after receiving an email that looks like an extortion attempt.


Daniel Lee McKee, 30, - also known as Danny Mac on his popular YouTube channel - showed an email he has received to Pol Capt Thanongsak Inphadung.


The email uses a foreign name "Thierry Perenon".




The sender claims to be a friend of the taxi driver, Thong, saying that he has suffered as a result of the video. It goes on to claim that the sender was instrumental in the arrest of Anastasia Vasukevich in the infamous "sex instructor's" case in Pattaya saying that she faces 10 years jail.


The sender claims to have a real badge and DSI and CSD connections. Both are special investigative police departments.


The email alleges that Mr McKee is breaking Thai law and does not have a work permit.


And for spreading "fake news" 200,000 baht is demanded.


Then comes what may be construed as a further threat: "When someone takes a video with a phone you see what happens to them".


Three options are given for payment of the 200,000 with a name of "Jirawan Bootjan" based in Bangkok mentioned in bank details.


Mr McKee said in a video that he felt uncomfortable about all this and Siam Chon News said in their story that he felt he was in danger.


The news media also said that Mr McKee is British. He was previously reported in the Thai media as being from the US.


Thaivisa are trying to verify this and other details with Mr McKee but have thus far been unsuccessful in hearing from him.


Last week the taxi driver Thongkham Sakaew, 50, was arrested and appeared in the Thai media in tears saying he had always been a good driver.


He was shown on the video calling his passenger mean. It was said that he initially refused to turn on the meter and then was reluctant to return 75 baht in change after the journey because he wanted a tip.


The YouTuber explained in fluent Thai what had transpired from his point of view.


He told Sian Chon News that the matter with the taxi driver that happened on the 27th of March was all over.


But the email he has just received is a different matter.


It is not yet known what police station he reported to. 


Source: Siamchon News

-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2018-04-23
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Usually they want it sent to Western Union in a third party name who has no idea what they are up to. Could even be a falang attempt, seen something like this before on another expat forum. They always use the threat of Police/jail/blacklisting.

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This is the same fellow that inserted himself into the "Russian sex instructors" story by threatening the editor of Khaosod English language newspaper, claiming the same Police credentials..


You would think that he would have been "controlled" by now, regardless if his claims of being affiliated with the RTP were true or not..

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2 minutes ago, robblok said:

Good for him to step forward and bring it in the media.. lets see what action is taken. I hope they get whoever is behind this letter. 

It's the French guy that claims he is a real Thai cop from the sex course bust in Pattaya. 

My question is, if his credentials are real as he claims, does he have Thai citizenship? 

And if not, you would certainly think that being a cop in ANY nation would require one to be a citizen and especially so in Thailand where they have so many restrictions on the types of work foreigners are allowed to do. 



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So, offer 100,000 and if that's accepted pay, learn from the experience and move on.

That would be the Thai way and I see nothing good about it as it just encourages more scams.

Full marks to Mr MacKee for wanting to expose all these fraudsters and scammers rather than just keep quiet and pretend that it doesnt happen. He will have plenty of them to go for.

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