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BANGKOK 17 February 2019 05:02

Photo-story - Where my bike’s been

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Today’s ride, on the first official holiday of the Lunar New Year took us up Route 1 towards Rawang, then over Rawang Bypass, which is so high you need oxygen.  They seem to have added a second crest since last time we rode it, which seemed maliciously superfluous.  I hit 65 kph coming down, though.

Then back through Rawang - I was surprised that the road seemed so unfamiliar, because I used to work in Sungai Cho, back in the monorail day’s.  Anyway, through Rawang, past the turn-off to the cement works (the road condition is a big turn-off, but once you’re past the cement works, it’s an OK road, with one little steep bit, then past The Tips Of Rawang and a lovely ride down into Sungai Buloh - but not today). Today we went out past the out-of-town shopping centre, after which the traffic calmed down, but the road surface was still a bit distressed, and then onto Monkey Road (so-called for the monkeys, not the nature of its construction), and through The Valley of Fruit and Flowers, where you may remember the Monkey King grew up.

That took us to Batu Arang, remarkable for its 22 sites of historic interest, including both Some Old Shop Houses and Chinese Shop Houses. Today, it seemed they were celebrating Chinese New Year by a complete absence of chilled tinned soft drinks, so I had iced coffee instead of 100plus. The hill from there back to the main road seems to have shrunk substantially since last time we were there, though it was still a lovely ride down to Highway 54; which is still a horrible road with too many roadworks and roads that need works.

I’d been fantasising about the last 50 metres up to the pub since we’d stopped for lunch but at least now we were most definetley on the way home, and if I’d known where to start, I’d have been counting down the kilometres. We swerved off Highway 54 to the Expressway, for safety reasons, amongst others, and stopped at the services for a final drink stop.

”I reckon we’ve got about 30 km to go”

”My phone says it’s 18km to a Sids Pub - oh , wait a minute, it’s got a route - 26 km!”

”well at least that’s a lot less than 30; 30’s an hour and a half, almost two hours; 26 is just over an hour”

and we set off with renewed vigour. As we came home through the suburbs I apologised “We need to keep this pace if we’re going to get to the pub before five, and before the rain”. It was a struggle, but we managed it, although the rain didn’t start till 5.15

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M’s son, M Junior, joined us on our Chinese New Year pub lunch ride; unfortunately I’d not explained that ‘lunch’ was just a figure of speech, and that we don’t normally take it literally.

M Junior was younger than the bike he was riding, a beautiful old road bike that M had brought back from his childhood home in The Old Country and refurbished.  He’s a fashion model (M Junior) and he did look embarassingly fabulous on the steel roadster; I thought it better not to be seen taking a photo

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