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Enterring Live Chat

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I suddenly cannot enter the live chat. The reason being incorrect password.

I have tried everything I can think of to get inside but cannot.

I do not even get the opportunity to insert a password. But never needed one before.

Why is this?

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SigmaChat v7.39.24[en]. Copyright © 2003, RaiderSoft. All Rights Reserved.

Loading Chat Room Settings...

Loading Logo...

Initialization Complete.

To join the current chat session, enter a username/handle in the text box above.

Please enter a username. Password is optional

Connecting To Server...

Connection Established

Logging In. Please Wait....

Verifying Password, Please Wait...

Invalid Username or Password. Please try again.

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It's other members in there now, I just checked. Please logout and login again to the forum, it might help. Pls let us know if you still have problems.

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Hmm, yes I have done that George.

Restarted my pc, reloaded the page just in case the live chat was remembering the password for the admin/mods chatroom. Cleared everything, but keep getting that same message.

Very strange I think.

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