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BANGKOK 19 February 2019 07:28

Hua Hin shark attack victim: Insurance won't pay as wife slams authorities

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Hua Hin shark attack victim: Insurance won't pay as wife slams authorities



Pictures (2): NewTV


The Norwegian shark attack victim in Hua Hin is faced with a 300,000 baht hospital bill after the insurance company refused to pay up.


Now his Thai wife has slammed the local authorities who presented him with baskets of goodies but are now refusing to help.


Fifty four year old Werner Danielsen was bitten on the left foot on April 15th at Sai Noi beach in an attack that made national news and prompted a swift reaction from the authorities.


Many were at his Bangkok Hospital, Hua Hin, bedside having their picture taken after he needed 19 stitches and was hospitalized for after care.




He had insurance and thought that would take care of everything - he even returned a 5,000 baht payment saying it should be used for other more deserving people. He was not interesting in making money out of it.


But the insurance company changed their mind after finding out that Mr Danielsen had been in Thailand more than 3 months, said his wife Amornrat Phaengnga.


With costs racking up they moved his care to Sri Nakharin Hospital at Khon Kaen University where they now face further bills running into tens of thousands of baht for follow up treatment and physiotherapy.


He has got a two month extension from immigration.


Amornrat told NewTV that her husband was given baskets and a big show of help but now he really needs assistance everything has gone quiet.


She said she had called the Hua Hin district chief and the mayor and just got brushed off. She believes the authorities should take some responsibility.


Mr Danielsen intends to write about what has happened to him as a warning when he goes home to Norway.


Deputy governor of Prajuab Khiri Khan province Chotirin Kertsom said he thought that Mr Danielsen had insurance and that the province has no fund for such matters.


He said if he ever came back he would give him a "special tourist card".


NewTV did not explain what that might entail.


Source: NewTV

-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2018-04-30
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lots of tourists come here on a 30 day travel insurance, then get an extension on their stay, forgetting that the insurance is invalid after that date, just the same as your car insurance realy, you would not expect to drive your car around with no insurance, (talking UK here not Thailand) lol
Yes its worthwhile buying insurance that covers the max you're likely to stay not just the planned. For example i bought 9 months insurance as although i was booked for 8 months an extra month extention was possible.

You can't extend travel insurance once its started
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He may have Travel Insurance that is offered free by a lot of Credit Cards these days,


No application is needed and you only have to have some of the cost of the holiday used by said CC to be covered. Usually a bill of over $250 for flights,hotels or hire car etc to get it.


Not sure of the T&C's but 3 months or more may not be classed as a holiday by the CC company.

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1 hour ago, darksidedog said:

If he had an effective travel insurance policy that gave him cover at the time of the incident, that should not matter.

I dont know who comes off looking worse here, the insurance company for wriggling out of paying or the Hua Hin politicians who were very keen to get a photo with him, but now seem to be washing their hands of it, as it might involve lobbing out some cash. They are both missing a big PR opportunity.


Most travel insurance have a limit of 90 days written in their policy.


I found many years ago one that didn't have that limit, so I thought I was save, but when I had an issue they didn't pay.


At that point they claimed that in the policy was written that the insurance was available to residents of my country only, but since I was more than 180 days absent from my country, I was not a resident any more.


I checked this with my government, and it was confirmed.

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