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Declaring Cash In Excess of USD 15,000 - Primer

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10 hours ago, david555 said:

The declaring level IS 10 000 as a starting point …. 9999 is still not to declare …… don't give customs that chance of 1 gbp or 1euro just to much 

Starting from 10 000 must declare , read the law correct , beware your pockets for small coins they count with so do any money paper or checks

This when leaving E.U or U.K. 

For Thailand entering the declaring level is 15000 USD value in any currency

Yes I couldnt edit my original post because what I should have said and it wasnt clear that they confiscated all £1012 and not just the £12 over which was possibly the impression I gave.

This was in 2009 out of interest.  I had 1000's and 1000's going through accounts (probably like most here) but no "exact" £1000 withdrawal in the 2 months leading up to the trip or the 1 month I was on it

The £12 made the amount questionable and the rest is history.


They were such tossers that to be honest they would have demanded a £1012 exact withdrawal if they thought it would have stood up in magistrates court

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I recently had to hand carry USD 45,000 in cash out through Suvarnabhumi. I though I would write a primer as others do ask about hand carrying cash in excess of USD 15,000 from time to time.  

My destination was the US. My port of entry was Chicago. I am not a US citizen or a green card holder so I filled in the entry card on the plane and declared the cash on that.   I had an EST

like what? i can't think of one legitimate reason to carry 45,000 USD. unless he is a gambler.

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There are many reasons one could be carryng cash.  Simply cashing out the 800 k baht retirement visa extension would be about 26,000 USD.  Many people may prefer to take the cash instead of transferring it electronically to some home account.  Incoming transfers often generate more paperwork or inquiries that people may prefer to avoid, no matter how legitimate the money was.  Selling property, cars, etc.  could generate fairly large amounts of cash. 

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