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Is Georgie-porgie Ruining Thaivisa.com?

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The Gent, or nameltnegeht posted on The Bear Pit May 15 2004

now ban me Leith! Ive read all I want to read.......

[obscenities edited by admin]OK Gent.


This post has been edited by tukyleith on May 15 2004, 11:38 AM

The Gent, or nameltnegeht!!!


Has been suspended for 9999 days, for obvious reasons.

G-P if you start a poll to get him re-instated again you will go too! :o

Forum moderator

Last night sick boy wrote an abusive note to admin, similar to the one the gent posted on The Bear Pit. Both of them mentioned me specifically, and insinuated that I have "ruined" both web-sites, and demanded to be banned from the board.

Basher has been chasing my posts all over the board the last few weeks calling me fatty and a child molester, without ever replying to what I have to say.

The gent and Basher, who claim to be trained killers, both have made posts insinuating that they are going to come "visit" me in Chiang Mai.

All of their buddies, "the lads", have jumped on the band wagon, calling me childish names and warning me of the impending visit, but never, ever, trying to debate what I have posted.

Hey, all these people hate my guts!

Most of the "right-wing" Americans like me. I think a certain number of lefties have noticed that they agree with many of my posts that aren't about politics.

I do write about other things, and though I play Devil's advocate a lot, I think that, at least sometimes, they make the board more interesting.

I know that I am often rude and I post too often, but I consider that part of my act, and when I wasn't insulting people complained, really!

I really do try not to be too nasty, unless people follow me around constantly, asking for it.

As far as what I think of as, "The Yobs", the gent, Basher, sick boy, geezer, all the nasty little men who stick the word "septic" into almost every post, IMHO Thaivisa is much much better off without them (since they all seem to be quitting anyway). They seem like the kind of guys that were on the dole or football hooligans before they ran off to Thailand, one step ahead of somebody on the right side.

Anyway, what I'm wondering is, do the nice, decent members of the forum get upset about what I am posting?

p1p, Adjan (Larry lek), Bluecat, sbk, Jeepz, George, Doctor Patpong, tukyleith, chanchou and lots of others whose names aren't springing to mind at the moment?

If I am bothering those people, I will have to really re-consider what I am doing.

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You are not currently flagged for any moderation or other admin action. Hope that helps.

Thread closed and moved to Forum helpdesk forum.


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